5 Marketing Jobs That You Can Easily Do From Home

5 Marketing jobs that you can easily do from home

Being a marketing professional requires creativity and free-spirited mind, which can be difficult if you have to sit the whole day in an office surrounded by stress stimulators. Fortunately, marketing jobs are becoming more popular and many companies hire people to work from their home in order to save money on salary, so whether you’re a writer, product analyst or a digital marketing specialist you can easily find jobs that suit you and do your job from home, this is a great opportunity if you’re looking to save money and take care of your kids at the same time, so here are the marketing jobs that you can easily do from home:
This is the best work-at-home job in the marketing field, you need to be an excellent writer, flexible and passionate about reading and learning new things, your job will be writing marketing materials such as emails, blog posts, catalogs…etc.
As a copywriter, you can do your entire job from home, However, you should keep in mind that SEO ( search engine optimization) skills may be required in most cases. Luckily SEO is easy and you only need to learn the basics.
Copywriting is a highly paid job and it doesn’t require any formal education, whenever you’ll decide to start, I guarantee you that you’ll find many jobs right away in this large expanding industry.
As a freelance copywriter, you can choose to work as much as you can, it is up to you to choose when to work depending on how much you want to earn, in fact, many copywriters make more than 100k$/year!
Marketing analyst:
When it comes to online marketing, this is the most dynamic work at home job available. your job is researching and gathering information about the market of the organization, therefore, the data will benefit in making informed decisions on how to market a product, and what is the best way to it.
A marketing analyst must be equipped with analytical and statistical skills along with good oral communication.
Social media and the internet, in general, have known a huge revolution in the aspect of research analyses which can be very beneficial for a marketing analyst in many ways such as:
-Access to a wide pool of information
-Effective identification of customers desires and behaviors
The key to being successful in this job is paying attention to little details and effective interpretation of the information.
Product marketing manager:
This job is both technical and marketing, the act of bringing a product from concept to commercialization requires a lot of work and creativity, this job involves many things like messaging, branding, pricing, analysis…etc.
What products should we release?
To who?
What is the best way to do it?
What price should we list?
A product marketing manager must have the answer for all these questions, so if you’re thinking about taking this job you should have the skills of leadership, Teamwork, problem-solving and marketing, each aspect complete the other in order to hit the company’s cost target and profitability.
Content strategist:
Every B2B or B2C marketer needs to focus on content-driven strategy in order to attract new clients and gain their trust, a content strategist role is the creation, planning, development and management of the content produced by the organization, the content must have a huge impact on your audience in a way that turns them into clients, in a nutshell, your job is to provide valuable information to your potential clients and illustrates the image of your brand and why it is the best. This job requires communication skills and the ability to engage and inspire the audience.
A content strategist must be creative and capable of making decisions based on credible analysis with a focus on delivering the brands story to the market.

Digital Marketing Specialist:

If you’re familiar with SEO, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Email campaigns..etc then this is the perfect job for you, A digital marketing specialist role is to spread the company’s message all over the internet in order to attract new clients. A successful marketing campaign requires a lot of different skills such as knowing the basics of marketing, understanding social media advertising and search engine optimization along with email/mobile marketing, in addition, other skills such as planning, communication, time management and creativity are equally important.

Work at home jobs in marketing are popping everywhere, we hope that at least one of the jobs we’ve mentioned caught your attention, the best thing about being in the marketing field is that you’re going to gain a lot of experience and stay current in marketing trends, not to mention how beneficial it will be when you’ll decide to start your own brand someday.