5 Online Summer Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

5 online summer jobs for stay at home moms

Summer is finally here, Some people tend to spend summer vacation on traveling, relaxing in the sun…etc. But since you’re reading this article, you’re obviously looking to earn some cash, so keep on reading because we have gathered for you the best 5 work from home summer jobs

1-reselling Online ( Flipping)

Flipping items online is a really profitable work from home job, all that you need to learn is knowing how to spot great deals so you can buy low and sell for a high price. Social media and websites like eBay, Amazon,etsy, and FBA all provide enough information about trending products so it just takes some practice to know what sells.
An easy way to start Flipping online is selling items that you no longer want and use those profits to buy cheap items from garage sales and resell them as well.

2- Teaching English

Teaching English online has been popular the past years. The good news is many sites in Esl ( English second language ) industry do not require a certificate or a teaching degree. All that you need to have is a bachelor’s degree or be registered in college in certain cases.
This is a fantastic idea if your kids will be at home during summer months because you’ll be working with students from South Korea, China, japan, and the in-demand hours are early morning so you can get up early, make some money and get on with your day.
Popular ESL Websites:
VIP KIDS Teacher’s Portal

3- Freelancing

There are so many services in the freelancing industry, you can easily get started with the skills you have ( writing, designing, assisting..etc.). The great thing about freelancing is that you get to chose your own schedule, it doesn’t matter where or how you do your job as long as you do it. This is why it’s a great work at home option for moms with small children, It gives you the freedom to work whenever it suits you ( early in the morning, late at night..etc.)
Fiverr is a great way to get started on your freelancing career, it’s a marketplace which offers their users the opportunity to buy and sell services for 5$. To be successful on Fiverr you should come up with a gig which many people are interested in buying more than once, this way you’ll attract returning customers.

4- Driving

You’re not the only one who feels insecure about being alone with a stranger, we understand that this is the main reason why many women avoid opportunities like UBER, However, making money using your driving skills is still an option, Apps like Amazon flex and UBEREATS gives you the opportunity to get paid by making deliveries, just like UBER the apps are paying a good amount of money and you can also cash out your earning on the same day.

5- Micro Tasks

A micro job is a one-time job you complete for a small amount of money, Micro jobs can be anything (typing audio files into text, online research, making appointments…etc.). The amount of money you earn will depend on how hard the job is and who you’re working for. You can earn more money by completing complex micro jobs.
The most popular micro jobs networks:
-Amazon Mturk: This is the best one, it contains tons of micro jobs, you can get started right away and you’ll get paid via amazon money or your bank account
Rev.com: If you’re a beginner looking for some easy tasks, you can make money with rev.com by typing audio files into text
Fancy Hands: If you want to earn few bucks in your free time, you can join Fancy hands and complete easy tasks like doing online research or making appointments

We know that being a stay at home mum is already a full-time job, however, you can get work done this summer even with kids at home, and all that you need to do is establish a schedule. You can work early morning or late at night while your kids are sleeping, maybe you can work during afternoon naps or while your kids are watching TV or reading, just be creative and get your kids on their own schedule too, there a lot of activities that you could take advantage of like summer camp, summer homeschooling lessons or at the library where you can complete your work while your kids are listening to a story.