6 Apps Every work-at-Home Mom Must Have

Even Though the internet is full of work-at-home job opportunities, trying to find the perfect job for your experience and skills can consume a lot of your time and energy, it’s not easy to filter out all the scams, keep an eye on the jobs you’re interested in, gather all your application documents and finish the whole application process. Fortunately, your smartphone can be very helpful, by installing the right apps it’ll become much easier for you to find the right job, organize your time and documents, and find other people who share the same career interests as you and even work and communicate with them.
You don’t have to sit the whole day in front of your computer scared of missing out a job opportunity, rather, you can simply install these 3 apps to find potential work-at-home jobs wherever you are:
Indeed: This is a must have work-at-home agent, the application is available for both Android and IOS, you can choose from many available jobs and apply using your phone and your indeed resume, you can also get notifications of newly posted jobs or save some for a later check.
LinkedIn: Another great way to search for new remote jobs, download the application and sign in using your LinkedIn account. While it doesn’t make any difference for companies whether you live far or nearby, some work-at-home jobs require you to be living within a close distance, so be careful while looking for a job and use the right words and locations in order to find relevant results.
Another great option about the LinkedIn app is that it allows you to create a job alert and get a notification when a job that matches your skills and requirements is posted, this can be very helpful in reducing the time you spend looking for a job.
Craigslist app: A desktop version is also available for craigslist, but what makes the phone app more flexible and easy is how fast you can switch between cities while you’re searching for a job, make sure to start with major cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, New York…etc. Because they have a huge number of work-at-home job opportunities listed unlike less populated cities. Make sure to search for both jobs and gigs section, use keywords such as remote, virtual, work from home to find the kind of jobs you’re looking for.

When it comes to work-at-home field, finding possible opportunities can be hard, but you know what’s even harder? Keep track of everything (jobs you applied for, paperwork, due dates, interviews, names, etc.)
The search process can reach a point where it will become so complicated and overwhelming, But don’t worry, these apps will keep everything organized for you.
Everton: It offers you a space to store all your digital files, notebooks, cover letters, screenshots, resume…etc., it can very helpful for you to keep track on everything especially that once you create an Everton account you can access to your files from any device so everything you need will be available for you whenever you need it and wherever you are.
Trello: This app is getting more and more popular for good reasons, Trello is a great way to keep track of every job you’re interested in by creating a card for each job.
You can save a lot of time and effort using Trello because the process is quite easy and fun.

Being a work-at-home mom doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself, in fact, networking and communication are highly required to be successful. For example, LinkedIn allows you to connect with others who share the same interests as you and build professional relationships with people who you’d be willing to work in the future. Take all the time you need to complete your profile and make it look amazing and professional, the first impression matters the most.

Skype is also a very important tool that you need to be familiar with, Most work-at-home jobs require an interview (video calls), Many employers prefer a direct video call to get all the information they need, so keep that in mind and always be ready.

Scams can be found on any Job board so make sure to filter out all the work-at-home opportunities that seem too good to be true because there is a high chance that they are, so be careful before sharing your personal information.