7 Work-at-Home Jobs For Moms With No Experience

Even though a lot of stay-at-home moms are looking for online jobs, some moms are just searching for some easy jobs where they can make some money with no commitments. Luckily this type of tasks are all over the internet, the application process is quite simple, you can apply and get started on the same day, the good thing about this kind of gigs is that they don’t require any experience and you can choose when to work according to your own schedule.

Online-juror: while attorneys are preparing for a trial, they need a mock jury similar to the real ones, but It can be very costly for attorneys to get feedback from individuals in person. That’s why getting feedback from online-jurors is a better option and cost much less.
As an online juror, your job is to watch video presentations, listen to an audio, read documents and answer questions.
The main objective of lawyers is to find people which their profile match real-life jurors, that’s why it’s obvious that you’ll have to answer some questions and provide some detailed information about yourself but don’t worry they won’t be asking for your social security number or banking info.you’ll get paid 10$ to 60$ as an online juror, so make sure to apply for multiple companies to increase your chances of being hired.

Application/Website testing: If you’re the kind of person who spends a good amount of time on the internet and likes to test new things, then this is the job for you. Remote testers are allowed to test websites and applications that may not be 100% developed yet, the job requires answering questions or performing tasks such as registering on a website and finally write a review. The whole process can take about 20 minutes and you’ll get paid 10$ for each well-performed test. However if your feedback is not accepted by the client due to lack of details or other issues, there is a high chance that you won’t get paid.

Internet Judge: Don’t you hate it when you’re searching for something online but the results are not related to what you’re looking for and full of spam?
Well to solve this problem a new job has been created which we can call internet judge or search evaluator, unlike the other jobs, this one requires a good experience in internet and culture alongside with good communication skills.
Your job is to examine the results provided by search engines and write a feedback about its accuracy and validity.
Micro-Tasks: If you’re a beginner and feel a bit confuse, micro tasks is a great way to start your work-at-home journey, no experience is needed but it’s preferable to start with side jobs in order to gain as much experience as possible which will benefits you in finding better and high-paying jobs in the future.
You can find micro jobs at Amazon mturk, TaskRabbit and other companies.

Chat agent: Sometimes, customers need some assistance to decide what to buy or simply someone who’ll answer their questions. Chat agents kindly provide the right answers for websites visitors.No experience is required to apply, but some jobs require knowledge of a specific field and fast typing skills with no mistakes!
Live customer service chat is getting more popular so it won’t be difficult for you to find a job soon

Virtual assistant: The administrative field is full of VA job opportunities, no experience is required but computer and communication skills are important to apply. Fancy Hands and Vick virtual among other websites offer virtual assistant jobs for people with no prior experience.
Transcription: The only skill you need for this job is fast typing, many companies offer various transcription jobs for people who don’t have any prior experience but in most cases, a transcription and typing test must be passed. Your job will be listening to audio, lectures, conversations, meeting..etc and transcribe them into text using proper grammar and easy to understand language. This job might be difficult at first but as soon as you’ll get used to it it will become much easier and will help you make a good amount of money.

When you’re a newbie, there is a good chance that you’ll meet a lot of scammers along the way so always make sure to be careful about sharing your personal information.