Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Moms

The advantages


– Be able to meet the financial needs of her family.

– Making a difference to society.

– Have time to “mature” and the opportunity to socialize.

– The fact of loving her work, to feel useful, to solve problems, using her creativity…

– Keep an identity other than being the “mother of children”

– Find her children at the end of the day!

– Be a good model for her children.

 Working mom looking desperate with memo notes!

The disadvantages


– Do not be with their children when they need them most.

– Juggling all small viruses, clinic visits and sick days.

– Duty to take work home, and tell the children that we have not seen the day: “Not now, I have to work.”

– The “second shift” have to do all the chores once at home, then we would just spend time with the children.

– Guilt.

– Finding time for everything remaining: appointments, the gym, etc…


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