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The Best Resume Formats for Moms to Return to the Labor Market


Resume IconAnyone woman who wishes to interview for best jobs for moms should submit a resume to the hiring company. Students applying to the College include a CV in their application. Even someone who would like to volunteer for an organization submits a resume to help volunteer responsible for his skills with the needs of the organization.


As a mom moving to the labor market for the first time or returning after a few years off, it is important to capture the attention of a hiring manager with a well-designed CV.


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The purpose of your resume is to provide a quick checklist for the hiring manager to determine if you meet the criteria for an interview and expose information the hiring manager and you want to explore in an interview.


Your resume is a snapshot of your adult life, including education, work experience, skills and achievements. It will also include a statement “objective.”


Start with a pad and pencil and make lists under the following headings: Objective employment, work experience, skills, accomplishments and education. Your work experience and education are quantifiable information. Skills and achievements, however, will put you out of all the other candidates with the same work experience and education. As a mom, you have developed people skills and organizational skills that can be used in the workplace. Present these skills in the context of the business, not child care.


Choose a format and Job environnement


Choose a resume format that suits you to get the best jobs for moms. Conservative business C.V begins with a statement of purpose of your job. Then, it will include a simple list of your work experience, education, skills and accomplishments. This is known as a chronological summary. If you are an analytical and focused on the task, you can submit your resume in the traditional style.


Many mothers have little or no operational experience. A chronological C.V may not be the best choice for you. Use a resume format that highlights your skills and accomplishments. This type of resume is known as a functional resume. For example, if you volunteer as a secretary in a local organization of parents, you can organize, edit and distribute notes you take during meetings and send them to members of the organization. Or you can work part time at the local library and help publicize special events. Marketing communications jobs need people with skills of writing and editing to produce press releases and marketing copy. You can list this experience on your resume under “Marketing Skills.’



Jobs during School Hours for Moms


Finding the best jobs for moms can be difficult, especially when you have many children. Most jobs require working hours when children need care and, in many cases, it may cost more to hire a babysitter to watch the kids than you earn. The good news is that there are many jobs that allow you to work while the kids are in school, so you can avoid paying for expensive child care and earn a decent wage in the process.




Nursing offers an excellent opportunity to make money while offering flexible working hours. Good nurses are in high demand and find a job that works around the home schedule is quite possible. The only drawback of this profession is a degree or certification and licensure are required.




Mom Starting business on the InternetThe sale is another option that allows multiple people to work non-traditional hours. Sellers are in high demand and can work in various settings, including a retail establishment in a call center or even at home.


Jobs school system


Working in the system offers work school hours that coincide with the hours of operation of the school. This works well for those with children in school as the start and stop times coincide with the school schedule of the child.


Starting a Business


From a business sounds like a dream come true, and for some stay at home moms, it can be among the best jobs for moms. Many businesses can be started with little or no overhead and allows for flexible hours, including freelance, direct sales companies and e-commerce. Some simple suggestions include freelance writing or photography, selling cosmetics, kitchen accessories or lingerie, or jewelry or trinkets and selling online, a place established as eBay or personal website. Earn money in this way can be a little more difficult, but in the long run, income is only limited by the effort.

Moms Who Work Part-Time Are More Accomplished


When they decide to “make a baby”, although they may make questions: should become a mother at home? Should we abandon the baby every morning to go to work? Should rather opt for a part-time job?


Better to  work than to stay at homeYoung Mom Playing with Her Daughter


Some future mothers will not ask these questions when they have read a study which exonerate working mothers from feeling guilty. It shows that mothers who are gainfully employed full-time but also part-time as best jobs for moms would be healthier and happier than stay at home moms. Mothers, who work part time, especially when their children are very young, have fewer symptoms of depression and are healthier than housewives.


According to the lead author of the study, the part-time work avoids conflicts between work and family or parenting. However, in many cases, part-time work is not different in terms of well-being of the mother, from full time work. Mothers who have a part-time profession certainly have a better overall health and fewer symptoms of depression than mothers who stay at home. However, there is no significant difference in general health or depressive symptoms between moms employed part-time or full-time.


Mothers who work part-time are more attentive to their children


The results also showed that women who work part-time were “equally present in the school activities of their children as stay at home moms” and found that moms who work full time. According to the researchers, it seems that mothers who work part-time would be more responsive to their infants and offer more learning opportunities for their children than stay at home moms or those working at 100%”.” In regarding the education of children and the balance between work and home, work part-time allows mothers to access the best of both worlds “.


“Although previous research have focused on the well-being of mothers working full-time compared with mothers at home, few studies have been conducted on part-time work in particular, and its effects on pregnancy, family life and parenting in general.”


Indeed, researchers have examined data from more than 1,300 American mothers over a period of ten years. In this study, part-time work is defined as any work period ranging from one to 32 hours a week.










For Moms: 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

Making money is a skill that requires creativity. For moms, before opting for a job you want to do from your home, make sure it is something you love. Passion makes work fun!


Here are some tips to make money from home, applicable to all age groups and these ideas can really save you a lot of money while enjoying the best jobs for moms!


 1.     Content Writing Mom Works From Home


Writing is one of the best ways to earn money at home. You can write articles for local newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc…


 2.     Stocks, bonds and affiliate marketing


Shares and funds are another good choice to earn money from home. But before you enter this area, you must make a thorough study on the functioning of the stock market. Another good choice is affiliate marketing on the internet. If you’re good about it, there are many opportunities on eBay and other e-commerce sites.


 3.     Teaching


Education is considered to be the noblest profession and among best jobs for moms, if you could teach from home, then nothing likes it. One of the best ways to earn money from home, it is also a liberating experience for those who have a passion for teaching. Teaching also happens to be one of the best jobs for moms to make money from home.


 4.     Gastronomy


Try new recipes and promote, it is not a new concept, but it is not easy. If you know the right way to promote your culinary skills can really make a fortune!


 5.     Design


If you have talent in designing clothes, then you could start a clothing store at home. This is one of the most profitable ways to earn money.


Moms Work from Home as Inserters

Best Jobs for MomsPut it in an envelope!! ?? What method of working from home has had many (bad) when you successfully combines homework and enveloping, all we think the same thing: a manual work, not qualified to do on his free time: receiving boxes of brochures or letters that folds and put in an envelope, and post the result, being paid according to the work done.


The disappointing reality is quite different: you’ve probably seen those ads that promise you $25 per email processed or stuffing envelopes at home: this is unfortunately not all the work we imagine!

The words are carefully chosen to maintain precisely the confusion with manual labor.

So you come across a stupendous offer: Finally, you will learn how to make money at home, working on the Internet (or not for that matter). And you succumb to the temptation: you buy (yes, because in this type of “work”, there is an “entry ticket”) the silver bullet that will describe, step by step, how to earn money by putting papers in envelopes…


Then two possibilities:

1 / Illegal case type chain letters, pyramid: you have to pay to enter a string, you find other pigeons that should find other pigeons that will…

In short, you understand!


2 / the “legal” version but equally questionable ethics:

You receive a slimming method (or another miracle method) and your “job” is … yeah, find pigeons that will, in turn, buy what they think is a stuffing envelopes at home to up with ad deposits, ads in forums to find that pigeons are going to buy us this method…


From stuffing envelopes at home, legal, real, does it exist?

Honestly, if it existed, we would know, right? In any event, it should not pay for!

Think about it two seconds: franking machines and put in a sealed mail, it exists and it is automatic.

If it can only be done by hand, it is not mail, cheap and small hands, it is in China and not here.


What is left?

– Rare packaging at home opportunities, packaging so that you can do at home

– Opportunities to work from home as a saleswoman at home (it works well)

– Work from home on the internet, including through eBooks. (It also works well)



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