Balancing Work and Family: A Challenge for Women

Best Jobs for Moms: Working Mom, Work and Life BalanceWork-life balance is sometimes quite a headache. You do beautiful work, organize your tasks, ask for help or delegate at home, you continue to feel overwhelmed…


This situation can occur at any time in life, but especially during some significant changes: arrival of a child in the family, sick parent, spouse promotion will return later every night, starting school the elder who will lead the management of several different care services … You agree?


How to improve your situation

The good news is that you can improve your lot, without having to become a contortionist! If you are an employee, just dare to do some requests to your employer.


Ask your employer

First, I suggest you define what you look like to the format ideal working to negotiate two or three things that are most important to you: tasks, conditions, climate, management style, autonomy, benefits social, schedules, etc…


For example, in terms of working conditions, you may wish to:


A flexible schedule (which means no meetings will be scheduled early in the morning or late in the evening);

A part-time or shared;

The opportunity to work from home (regular or occasional teleworking);

The ability to accumulate hours and resume time;

Unpaid leave;



In general, a proposal for flexible arrangements is better accepted if it is presented in the form of a trial period or a pilot project (3-6 months). In this way, it involves a non-permanent commitment, a reassessment of the situation and the possibility to adjust both sides.


Some tips to increase the chances that your application is accepted

Prepare as well as if it was an interview or a professional presentation (for example, by reading the employee handbook or collective agreement, by making a small study that is done in similar organizations, practicing answers to potential objections).

Involve the human resources department of your organization and / or the union, if applicable.

Choose the right “timing”, that is to say a period of the year when the organization is not in a situation of lack of staff or in the implementation of major changes, etc… Or a time when your boss is in the process of divorce, so not very receptive…