Being a Working Mom


“Being a mom at work” is already a full time job and if you add the time spent at home with the children, husband…Working Mom

We arrive at two full time jobs; understand sometimes when you do a lot of things and often two things at once. I know the woman’s own … which she manages to do a lot of stuff at the same time.


But who suffers the most when a woman works while she’s mom; the boss or the agenda?


Husbands or companions, they support and, in every sense of the term:


– Either they really help; they are involved and are a real support (which should always be the case). We hope that Generation Y (yours!) goes in this direction with an equal conception. It would be the first generation, men and women, to be in the same optics, the same expectations, the same ideas and wants regardless of sex, reconcile professional and private lives and this is even the primary criterion for choosing a company (checked by specialists), to check in the coming years…


– Either they undergo (often older). Sometimes they have no choice, because the man and woman both work, or they have more or less choice but grumble if they need help or ignore the difficulties of a mom who has to manage everything.


Here are practical solutions for mom at work, and even more for the mother of young children because they are the most affected in terms of fatigue and time management.

You who read, who are in school, in college, or who may already working you and who may have children, you are all concerned!


The solutions to the problem involve different strategies:


1 – Flee to the label of the superwoman 80s…

But I assure you, in hindsight, there are few elected! There are more divorces, chess of good family relationships, burnout…


It is better to be a new heroine of modern times with discrete traits and strategies that characterize thinking as early in life even if they wish to have the average age to have a child continues to decline quickly and understand the rules of the world of work, rely on their adaptation facilities, involve men in their lives, manage their time so rigorous, learning to live their guilt mother, wife and professional guilt and especially to give up being perfect because they go through difficult times at work and at home and they know that their balance is sensitive!


2 – Others throw in the towel … A homecoming is never synonymous with doing nothing! But some take the opportunity to do something else and get their business in the emergence of moms who are working at home or finding the best jobs for moms.


3 – The last cling to hope of better days, the price of freedom but be careful, little children, little problems and big kids, big worries as a physical presence also accounts for teens!