Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Moms

The advantages


– Be able to meet the financial needs of her family.

– Making a difference to society.

– Have time to “mature” and the opportunity to socialize.

– The fact of loving her work, to feel useful, to solve problems, using her creativity…

– Keep an identity other than being the “mother of children”

– Find her children at the end of the day!

– Be a good model for her children.

 Working mom looking desperate with memo notes!

The disadvantages


– Do not be with their children when they need them most.

– Juggling all small viruses, clinic visits and sick days.

– Duty to take work home, and tell the children that we have not seen the day: “Not now, I have to work.”

– The “second shift” have to do all the chores once at home, then we would just spend time with the children.

– Guilt.

– Finding time for everything remaining: appointments, the gym, etc…


Moms At Home: Ideas to Enroll in Activities

Best Jobs For Moms Becoming a mother at home represents a significant break with the previous way of life, especially for women who worked full-time. Taking care of your child becomes the main activity of your day, you are less likely to leave the house, and communication with others is more limited. Even if there is also a form of solitude in the work, the risk is high to feel isolated, especially if your baby is still a newborn (0 to 6 months). It is a status that is not highly valued and can therefore lead to a negative image and withdrawal. Hence the needs to maintain social ties and continue to go out as often as possible and why not get one of the best jobs for moms and earn extra money.


Join an association


Many associations regularly organize discussion groups so that parents can share their experiences. Some associations for example, offers workshops to exchange know-how between mothers while others aims to support breastfeeding mothers. You can also participate in training to listen through the association of parents or Family Association or Parent Training… And if you want to defend the interests of housewives, the meetings of the National Union working women and homemakers take place once a month and you can bring your children. Learn to know the date and place of gathering of different groups of words that are in your city or nearby. There will certainly be one that will suit you.


Get involved in volunteer activities


If you cannot bear to remain inactive and you feel less useful since your children are entering school, first make yourself available. The easiest way is to volunteer to accompany school trips or offer your help when it comes to preparing the year-end show, sewing costumes for Halloween, etc… You can also engage in volunteer activities that will take you only a few hours per week as ensure continuity in your local library, entertain the sick and elderly in medical facilities with the Association or distribute meals for the needy. There are many organizations in need of volunteers who are waiting for you!


Moms Careers

Careers and Best Jobs for Moms To make a career, women must be engaged and have ambition!


This is TRUE: a successful career, you must provide the means, blame, and know what you want. You must dare to be ambitious without devaluing (specialty of many women!)


However, there are a few small nuances that exonerate the merit of those who are far from being in the top management despite their commitment!


– Those actually arrive “at the top” are often super heroes (for example Sheryl Sandberg is the same in the first output students classified in economics from Harvard …).

– Many of them are single and childless (which is unfair when you realize that the vast majority of men arrived at the same level of a quarrying family and children).

– In addition, for international careers women are penalized because they cannot travel pregnant or with young children.

– Although no scientific fact demonstrates, it is observed that women generally feel less comfortable than men to the idea of ​​being away from their children. Because men are more likely to choose their work to the detriment of their families (this choice will be valued by society) and women are more likely to choose their family to the detriment of their work by asking the question “who most need me “. Make a contrary choice is seen as selfish by the company.

– A corollary of having the ambition is “to choose a good husband,” that is to say the one who is able to invest at home and look after the children equally with you. Of course, it facilitates life immensely! but always for the same reason (women are less comfortable with the idea of ​​being away from their children), even if the husband is there to take care of children a woman agrees to be rarely travel excess.

– Finally, there are still too many conflicts between school schedules and work schedules. Despite all the ambition in the world, 17h, it is already a good time to leave school, but it’s really too early to leave the job … And there is problem of child custody that arises.


Rethinking what we mean by “success” in the context of a career


– Accept a non-linear career

– Valuing people who chose different paths

– Talk (occasionally …) proud of your children to recognize their existence

– Work on your “happiness project” and wonder what it includes

– Stop accepting the behavior of men and male choice as the default value and the ideal.

Moms Bloggers: Can You Earn Money With A Blog?

Mom Blogger Whether they speak of education, handicrafts or daily life, blogging moms are doing well! What are the secrets of their success?


The blog is a card


Earning one’s life with a blog? Not really, but we can make a living with his blog. Some moms were able to change lanes: some became freelance writers, community managers…


The blog is then a card that gives credibility to the author. It can also be spotted.


Freelance illustrators; also receive commands via his blog. Advertising can be a source of income, but rarely sufficient. “I tried to incorporate banners on my blog, but it ruins the whole aesthetic! It’s not worth the money as it pays very little!


The influence of bloggers interested in brands


With their potential influence, some bloggers interested in the brands they offer testing products, gifts or vouchers against an article. Some choose to speak only of the products they like, and make gain readers.


It is tempting to respond to requests from brands, but it contributes to the standardization of blogs. Some moms never talk about brands, to not misrepresent their blog.


But it is the presence of brands on some blogs that allows us to offer a free service.


Yes, free on the Internet always has a cost!


Tips for Moms to Earn Money

Best Jobs For MomsEvenings with friends, afternoon shopping malls, weekend relaxation and well-being in your dreams! But you’re not one of those moms who have the credit card and can spend without counting … You want to make pocket money and gain independence? Here are some tips.


Earn money in a jiffy


1) The art of doing: make sorting through your stuff. There are certainly a lot of clothes that you do not put for a long time … What good is embarrassing when you can just sell it? First do around your friends, organize a snack flea market in which they can choose the clothes they like … It remains then barter where clothes are bought and weight for parts value, resale on Internet sites such as EBay. Finally, file at the Town Hall and rented a location for the next flea market in your neighborhood. Prices are reasonable, it’s already worn, do not forget. You will be amazed with the money you can make, while the vacuum in your cupboards!


2) Rent your services: offer your family and friends to pay you in exchange for minor services.


3) Removing ads: enroll for all the small businesses in your neighborhood and ask them to see your ads. You can also go to specialized sites. Babysitting, tutoring, depending on your interests and your qualifications. But beware! Do not take this job lightly; it is a real responsibility, so you must be serious and professional. Do not forget the families that will trust you. You will be paid and that money must be earned. Negotiate your financial reward before starting, time or fixed, depending on what suits you (about 9 to 10 dollars per hour).


4) Best jobs for moms: Working the weekend in a small shop or at your home making meals to sell for restaurants or other possible ideas, and you can also look for jobs on the internet!



There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!