The Best Resume for Moms

There are an important number of mothers interrupts their careers to raise their children. While the removal of the company lasted only a few years, and it is often difficult to return to the labor market. Here are our tips to find the best jobs for moms.


Defining your project with a professional coach Mom Looking For a Job


At first glance, recruiters are unanimous devote several years to raise their children presenting a wonderful and rewarding project that a woman can be proud of.


The reality is less flattering. The applicants between 25 and 33 years to care for their children know how difficult it is to return to the workforce after taking it apart for so long.


To the point that many recruiters recommend getting back in the saddle by using a coach to define their professional project. This phase of “gestation” nourish the preparation of CV as the interview that will follow with a priority to be comfortable with this bracket and articulate the desire and willingness to work again. This can be read in a few details such as the fact to report “child self” in the CV, or specify hook “immediately available”.


Skills presentation


Professionals recommend articulating CV in presentation of skills with an emphasis on the qualities of the postulant and simplify the description of his career. In mind, the section devoted to the expertise and know-how, enriched more personal skills, including those that have been acquired or developed through family break: autonomy, organizational skills, flexibility, and resistance to stress … “In home, a mother has a multiplicity of trades at the same time”


Describe the details of the training without forgetting to highlight a recent upgrade in your trade. Finally the professional side prepared synthetically stating “parental leave” to describe the period of interruption.


Find links with working life


It remains to enhance the experience during the “off” family so that candidates sometimes have tendency to erase this period. Recruiters often advise to make the conclusion of the CV. “This information is often treated as annexes, referring to a certain banality of everyday life whereas a mother will find an opportunity to highlight the elements that will play the role of bridges with professional life.


But be careful not to confuse things: highlight the points must have a direct relationship with the post. Never lose sight of that is to contact a recruiter. We just mention the experiences that may be useful to the company. It is essential to stay in the professional register to get the best jobs for moms.


Thus, initiatives and achievements made ​​during the break will be displayed in a work-related vocabulary: we detail the tasks performed in a local association (bookkeeping, organizing meetings, making a blog, etc.). It provides figures when possible. A way of showing that remained connected to the workplace and we are ready to come back with more assets than in the past.

How to Find Good Deals and Business Ideas for Moms at Home?


Mom Working From HomeWith a little research online moms can find great ways to earn income from your home. The key is to know where to find a good market at home. Here are some of the best places to find legal work and home programs:


Internet research: Do an Internet search on “temporary work at home” and you end up with thousands of offers. However, being more specific, you can find deals that can be a good solution for you. For example, if you want to write, do a search on “jobs for writers” or “offer for freelancer” or work at home.


Best jobs for moms and job sites: Internet gives you job home with a large number of online job sites. Some are free and some require a fee. Both have a wide variety of jobs you can do from your home.


Starting a home business is a great option for people who are interested in working at home. Trying to decide what type of business you want to start can be a bit tricky, however. Here are some ideas for business work at home:


1. Home daycare


If you are a mom of young children, you may need to consider providing child care for your home. Make sure you find out about licensing requirements in your area before you start, and check with your insurance provider to ensure that you have the right insurance and liability. You will also need to budget for equipment and toys you need for your new business.


2. Direct sales


Many people start a home business selling a product. There are many companies that hire independent sales representatives to represent their brand or their products, and everything you need to start your business at home is to buy a starter kit. Whether you are interested in selling cosmetics, candles, Tupperware containers or decorative items, there are companies willing to offer training, assistance, and a business model that works.


You have also the option to open your own virtual store online. On sites where you can sell products to customers anywhere there is an Internet connection. When selecting a product, try to target a specific niche market that has not already been saturated. You need to do a research in the market before selecting a product or range of products to sell.


3. Professional organization of space


If you’re the kind of person who does not like mess and you keep your space clean and well organized, you may need to consider using this talent to start a home business. Your role is to help people sort their old materials and discard those that do not want or need. People may need your help in choosing storage containers or rearrange items in a bedroom…


To begin, place an ad in your local newspaper or on a community bulletin board. If you are comfortable talking to a group of people, you may want to search seminars with some basic information on how to order.

Best Job Opportunities for Moms


Many moms think that once they have children, your life is over. But it does not have to be this way. Maybe you want to earn more money, or maybe you’re just bored and looking for something to do. Anyway, you can continue to work after having children in a number of areas, depending on your interests or skills.


Consultant Working Mom


With your knowledge and experience, you can put everything in a good use by becoming a consultant. Consultants provide professional advice and expertise to their customers and work in various fields such as business strategy, finance, marketing, human resources and information technology. Consultants improve business performance of their customers. It is a flexible working and among best jobs for moms so that you can work part-time if you wish and you will earn a good salary too with your years of experience.




You can use your interests and passions to get a job in the industry retail. If you like cooking you could work in a kitchen store or as an assistant in a bakery. Perhaps you are a creative and want to work in a quiet place, like a store. There are plenty of opportunities for mothers to get the best jobs for moms and you get to meet and interact with many new people. You can work part-time or as many hours as you want whatever suits your schedule.




Working with children is a fun and as a mom it’s a rewarding career as they have and love children. Of course, you have to obtain a teaching degree first, but it’s never too late for a career change. If you do not have a teaching degree, an alternative is to find a job as a teacher’s aide. This work requires no degree and less training, but it is nonetheless a rewarding experience that will bring you great satisfaction. In addition, it keeps your mind young as dealing with children. Assistant teaching jobs usually involve a part-time of work and are relatively relaxing and are among best jobs for moms.



Single Mom and Work


They have one or more children, they are separated from the father are divorced or widowed. Work or looking for a job, they live as a battle, a way out, a way to survive a lock to unwind, to flourish as well. But how do they assume alone, children and job?


How is a single mom perceived by the parent society? At work? This status can be penalized or otherwise advantageous when looking for a job? Why?


Single Mom Working From Home“The employer is looking for availability, flexibility to maximize the profitability of its employees. According to him, the single mother is, first, a probability of no worse due to non-shared responsibilities (accidents, student parents, health). Moreover, for business like any social group, a woman without a man is bound to get one. This is a potential source of conflict. Employers also fears to open their door for someone more stressed than average, more demanding too. They are entrenched stereotypes. Sometimes, unfortunately, a single mom suggests a structural weakness that encourages moral or sexual harassment. ”


How to approach the subject of parenthood if a recruiter has been too curious (although “normally” it does not have the right …)?


“Those who have guts can invent a joint ghost. Incidentally Just say” my husband thinks that “to denote the relationship of” couples TGV. “For those who want to enjoy a helping relationship (double-edged), or insist on the need for them to get the job (is it the right strategy?), it is essential to prove that the organization is in place what happens: the mother, the mother-mother, sister, neighbor or babysitter. I advise you to approach the subject preferably with a big smile of satisfaction and serenity of mother filled. Remember that the employer is not a wizard social “and you have the opportunity to find the best jobs for moms!


Raising children dual, it can sometimes be complicated but how to get out when you’re alone?


“A child mobilizes time and money. Single mom has neither the one nor the other. Belonging to a community (parents, neighbors, parish associations) allows pooling crises. Meanwhile, the family is often mobilized for the holidays. the most effective strategy is to organize all the activities taking into account the availability of the mother: no activities outside the scope bicycle, avoid time waiting (doctor, summonses by teachers for poor academic performance or inappropriate behavior), anticipate and control risks (water, gas, falls, accidents) avoids crises and unforeseen expenses. Maintain its equipment and learn all repair is also a source of significant savings.


In addition, the division of labor reduces the load of the mother, empowers children and makes the family more robust to unplanned absences. The whole family must keep their word and authority. It should create a climate of confidence which saves monitoring or conflict. This can be implemented only if the mother explains what the goal: the success of children, the quality of family life and the preservation of the resource “mom”, the basis of balance. “

Moms and Money: Family Finances


Money, anxiety of moms Family Savings


Many of you admit to be distressed by the money right now. Although the recession has not affected your baby projects, it has forced you to tighten your belt … and the whole family!


Torn between time and money


Budget cuts do not prevent you from daydreaming to a surplus of money! 72, 8% of you said that if you had a little more money, you would not rob shops. You would use the money instead to spend time with family. If you could spend it on, you choose to travel. If you were to spend the surplus on baby, you choose to bring visiting and see relatives.


The results presented above agree well with other responses from our survey: 62.7% of you would like one parent remain full time at home with baby. However, most of you plan to return to work soon, full time or part time as best jobs for moms.


What moms would change in parental leave?


According to several respondents, the benefits paid during maternity leave, would not be sufficient (even prohibitive for mothers earning a high salary) nearly half of you contemplating the idea of ​​working to fill this gap. Other moms have denounced the situation of self-employed workers who are not entitled to maternity or parental benefits, despite their intentions to participate in the EI program. Note that the maternity leaves are more generous and the self-employed are entitled to financial compensation.


Moms know and use ways to save money


You can use multiple tools to manage family finances including savings accounts that rank pensions first. A little less than 30% of you have also equities and bonds. Finally many of you have also set up a family budget.


You know therefore save … and not without reason! You agree to be responsible for paying the bills and managing money and others saying even more about the family finances than your spouse.


Moms do a lot of unpaid work


The majority of you spend a good part of your day to do unpaid work, in addition to working full time. In fact moms plan and organize, take care for their children, cook and wash as performing other chores.


Mothers rely on the generosity of family and friends


How do you manage the new spending generated by a baby? With gifts of money offered by your family and friends, many of you are using, among other things, the money to open a savings account specifically for your child. A quarter of you have also assigned a budget for all expenses incurred by your baby.



There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!