The Difficult Return to Work of Stay at Home Moms


Mom Preparing to Return to Work Leave home to get into the world of work is often the entire puzzle. Jennifer, a social worker at the beginning of his career, left her job at the birth of her son. She was 25 years old. Six years later, the mother of three children, she plans to rework. “My youngest was autonomous, and I realized that I had always the desire to work, she says. But everything seemed complicated.”


This mother wanted to return to a “classic” job. “I loved my first job, but living in rural areas, was difficult, she says.


Jennifer decided to start her own business. She provides information on sites that includes mothers’ creative business. The housewife was finally launched, creating an embroidery shop online.


A pittance to the key


While some mothers are choosing to start their own business as it’s the best jobs for moms, it is often better to continue reconciling professional and private life. “The micro-enterprise works for some, which helps mothers wishing to return to work. Often it helps to cope with the difficult reintegration.”


But this solution does not always find financial independence. Jennifer says that she gets a meager salary. For those who want to find a fixed remuneration, it’s better to be patient.


Moms have everything to prove


“For the employer, it is a gamble to hire a mother spent several years away from the world of work. Will she be able to readjust; there is a problem of trust, as part of the candidate recruiter, too. ”


Work on self-confidence is a key step. “Many women say ‘I do not know anything,’. They must help themselves to review their skills, and target job offers.”


As housewives have everything to prove. “You have to show a fierce desire to get back to prove that this is not a fad, it is really available. On the CV, the candidate must highlight that she has remained active, whether by teaching, helping to organize events … Well; she must prove that she did not stay locked. ”




Advice for Young Moms Returning To the Labor Market


Young Mom Holding Her Son Many women interrupt sooner or later their careers to devote themselves to their children. Most are determined to return to work as soon as children are old enough. In practice, however, it is not easy to return to the labor market and find the best jobs for moms.


Insecurity plays an important role. How the family will react? But what have you yet to offer to employers?


Stay informed 


Use the time spent at home, to read newspapers, maintain contacts with colleagues, take courses or immerse yourself in a subject that you have never been able to devote time. By leaving your job to benefit your offspring, you walk away, in fact, away from your professional world.


If circumstances do not allow you to keep up to date, do it as soon as you start to apply to get the best jobs for moms.


Stay active


Why do not you suggest your services to either voluntary organization? In this way, you will maintain your social contacts and add some strings to your bow.


Get to the point


Before applying, ask yourself what you really want to do. You continue in the same direction or you change course?


Enlist your partner


Women have the right to work AND have children. In other words, when you return to work after your career break, you can require your partner to give you a hand in organizing the household.




Courses and additional training will help you refresh your old skills or develop new skills.


Make a list of your skills


Stay at home to care for children do not mean that your skills will melt like snow in the sun. Some skills may somewhat grow old, but you gain new: organization, planning, coordination, these skills are useful in any type of work.


The hole in your C.V.


Now opt for a functional C.V. This type of C.V focuses on your skills. If a recruiter asks about your career break and expose him clearly and positively what you’ve done. Do not say: “I ​​have not worked for two years.” Say: “I ​​was full time mom for two years and I saw my little girl grow up.”




Tell as many people (neighbors, friends, family, former colleagues) you are looking for a new job. Send unsolicited applications for businesses. Do not hesitate to cross the threshold of a company to gather information about their hiring intentions.




If your dream job is slow to occur, consider the possibility of a temporary agency work. So you can maintain your skills while continuing to seek a definitive work.




It goes without saying that all these tips are valid for dads who decide to also re-enter the work following a career break.

Job Ideas for New Moms at Home


For stay at home moms looking for part-time work, there are great home jobs to consider. Discover these ideas for working at home.


Many women leave the workforce to care for their children. Some may have the intention to stay at home for a short period, while others know from the beginning that they will not return to their previous career. Anyway, mothers want to continue to contribute to the family finances, while being able to be with their children. With a little creativity and a computer; work at home for part-time is not only possible, but it is also rewarding.


Part-time work at home transcribing data 


Best Jobs for Moms at HomeMedical transcription or data entry for any business sector is one of the best jobs for moms staying at home. With typing and computer experience, learning to listen and transcribe audio information is not that difficult. The work can be performed at any time of day, such as when the children went to sleep or are in school. Financial performance is not remarkable, but with experience, it will be easier to find a well paying transcription job.



While staying at home to care for their children, stay at home moms can take care of other children as well and make money doing it. To make this work at home for part-time having some experience with children is necessary, as well as courses or training regarding child safety and care.


Be creative with part-time work at home


Consider working from home as an opportunity to try something new, explore interests and cultivate skills. With a solid plan and realistic expectations, a part-time job at home can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

How Stay at Home Moms Return to Work


Tips to resume work 


More than half of the housewives are unemployed after several years off; here are some tips for returning to work. Mom Working from Home


Find a job after one or several years of breastfeeding and raising a child is not always easy for moms, whatever their age. However according to a study conducted by labor of statistics, three-quarters of mothers who have children 0-2 years stay at home full or part time, most of them assuming this situation perfectly and foremost want their children to grow up during the first two years of life.

However, mothers working full-time are likely to refuse to stop working for three months to take care of their young children, mostly for financial reasons, and fear of unemployment…


Support for women returning to work


For mothers wishing to return to work after several years off, there is support offered by associations and companies that offer part time job for moms or home jobs as best jobs for moms.


Tips to return to work  


Contact job search workshops


Job search workshops, training advice give housewives information about the possibilities to return to work and the opportunities available to them.


Try competitions


Also some contests which sometimes requires good levels of training (caregiver, nursery assistant, etc.) There are competition specific access conditions: in the public service, some contest called “external” (which addressed to candidates not civil servants) do not require qualifications for mothers who have raised at least three children.


Job Interview Tips for a Mom Returning To Work


You’ve spent the last few years raising children, and now you think you’re ready to enter the labor market. When interviewing for a job, you can bring your skills and time as a working mother to your advantage. You’ll probably developed multitasking and management skills that will be valuable to your new job. But before you jump in, make sure you’re as prepared as you can be.


Rearrange your CV  Mom in an Interview


To begin your job search, start with your resume. Be away from the workplace for a while you can send your CV a little scary. Back on your resume and start making changes. You have probably learned new skills as a parent that will add to your employability. When writing or rewriting your career goal, you will get a clearer picture of your skills and the type of job that suits you best that will help you narrow down your list of potential employers. Fill gaps in your resume with the tasks that you engage as a mother. For example, you can list your project management skills as a leader delegate of an association or your Excel skills you used to create the household budget. Spend time on your resume will help build confidence and self-awareness necessary to help you overcome the first obstacle of the interview.


Practice with family members


Think of all the possible questions that your prospective employer may ask you when you meet in person. Make a list of these questions. Most people are anxious and forgetful when on the spot. Practicing before the interview, you will lose some of this fear, and your body language will be more relaxed and confident. Also think of a ballpark figure salary and have the family member to adopt a scenario in which the prospective employer feels that you should be less well paid.

Think of situations every day as a mother where your skills helped you overcome obstacles and share them with your interviewer. For example, you can let your interviewer know how you deal with issues of rivalry between siblings when you’re second child was born. This reveals something about your trading skills of conflict and you will get one of the best jobs for moms.




First impressions are important, especially in job interviews. Get an idea of ​​the dress of the company you are interviewing. It is a law firm that follows a formal dress code, or is it a jeans and graphic design company to start T-shirt? Modest, smart casual outfits in deaf colors work best. Avoid excessive jewelry and do not wear big diamond rings or pendants earrings. You want your employer to focus on your skills and you want to get one of the best jobs for moms, so stay away from any fashion item that is too loud or distracting.


Do not dress like you do at home.  Do not steer to “moms” dresses with bright floral prints, sweat pants or clothes with stains regurgitation baby. Sharp and simple outfits like a black skirt and white shirt with a jacket collard convey confidence and efficiency.



There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!