Job Search for Moms

A young Mom searching on her computer while talking on a mobile phone.Job search and finding the best jobs for moms, it is not always easy, given the current economic situation. But you must look very well because some opportunities exist; remains to be persistent organized and know how to discover job opportunities, you must therefore put all the chances on your side in your job search.


Job Search: method


Whether you worked or whether your first job, looking for a job requires organization and therefore a good dose of motivation. It is rare that people looking for a job immediately find, except in some areas where the search is unceasing staff (for example catering). Also, is it to be determined and not get caught up by fate!


For an active and effective job search, several rules must be respected:


• A pace to do: looking for a job request that you spend several hours in the day. Therefore you’re imposed to a pace of work (writing your letters, Phone contacts, reminders).

• Structure your day: when calculating the timing of employers, namely 9-12h, 14h-18h. One way to easily get in contact with them, either by mail or by phone.


• The importance of address book: it is important to stay in touch with former colleagues and friends. There is no shame in looking for a job! Who knows, maybe these same people hear about a job, and better yet, they will recommend you.


• In the meantime, blossom! : It’s pointless to do nothing but thinking of work. The few hours that you grant to seek work are adequate and often emotionally exhausting. Do you also soothe the soul and not abandon your activities (sports, going out with girlfriends). Your morale will be better.


• Support of your closest: your environment can also be a great comfort. When you lose hope, they can also boost you and convince you to keep looking. They can also help you by looking at the ads.


• Do not let go! : It is rare that the first ad will be the right answer. Also, the main thing is to be positive! Even if they do not answer or answers are negative, keep faith in yourself and keep looking.

Working Mom from Home Creating a Productive Work Environment?


An Organized Home Office Are you a mom working at home and feel frustrated because your work environment is not conducive to higher productivity? Here are some tips to help you create a good working environment that is both productive and welcoming. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can make a different world.

It is important to create a productive work environment for yourself that is suited to your personality and your needs. Here are some basic tips to follow:


Having a dedicated workspace


It cannot be the luxury of the kitchen table, but make it your own while you work. Remove anything that is not related to your work, it will only cause distraction. If you need to move, have a sack or you can easily carry your work quickly. If you have an office, keep it organized, friendly and free of family clutter.


Set limits for your children


If your children are still small, set times when they understand that it is “working time” for mom. Having your children doing an activity while you work will be useful to establish these limits. It is important that your children regardless of their age to understand and respect your work environment. If you have an office, teach your children while you’re there, you work.


Establish definite time for working


Work on your business at home is more productive if you can keep and separate your work schedule as a mom. Similarly, being a mom is the most productive if you can keep and separate your working time. Establish a schedule for each of them is good, but sometimes easier said than done. If your children are older, take advantage of when they are at school or establish times when they need to give you quiet time and space to work. Work during nap while your children are smaller you will give them the benefit of the quality of time when you are out of work.


Personalize your space so that you feel good inside


Add a touch of something that brings you happiness. A favorite candle, a framed preferred picture, hang something on the wall near your workspace that brings you pleasure or motivates you. Set if you have a view on a window or move so you keep distractions to a minimum if this is how you work best. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and the lighting is good. Remember, you are the one who needs to feel good in this space, so all you need.


Working from home and maintain a balance with family life can be difficult. Feel good about yourself, your family, your business and especially to feel good in your work environment is the key to success. Follow these basic tips to help create a productive work environment for you, your family and your business.


Moms Returning To Work

Why rework?

Mom Holding Her Daughter

Women who decide to return to work do so for several reasons: Financial interest for example in the case of divorce or widowhood, if the spouse is unemployed or has health problems. The family may also need money when children attend college. The second reason is the desire to find a place in society. Status at home mom is not really recognized, women sometimes have the feeling of being useless. Finally, it happens that a mother wishes to return to her job when the children grow up and leave home.


How to go?


Ask yourself beforehand about the cost of this back in the workforce. Indeed, rework causes many expenses: child care, canteen income taxes … It must therefore calculate everything before starting and make sure to be a winner. If money is not your primary motivation and then you have to consider the psychological and family: change is hard for the spouse and children who are used to being pampered. You will not have much time to take care of the house, meals, outings … It is therefore necessary to ensure that the whole family supports you. For those who want to move in a new direction, it is better to consider training before seeking employment.




It will mainly have to deal with the reluctance of the employer. It will ask if, after a hiatus of occupation or longer, you’ll be up and effective. They may be unsure of your adaptability, your flexibility: when was his own boss at home for a long time, can we again accept schedules, a hierarchy?

It is therefore necessary to show the employer’s motivation.


How to develop a business interruption?


In the CV and letter of motivation, but also during the interview, you must highlight all that has been done during this time off work: volunteer, representative of parents, organization of school trips or festivals … Show that you have developed the qualities and responsibilities assumed.

How to Find a Job for Moms at Home?


Mom Working From HomeYou are looking for additional income or an opportunity to embark on a new job? Tired of commuting to work or you do not have enough time to spend with your family or your hobbies? Working at home may be the solution for you. Working from home has many advantages: convenience, time savings, and freedom of organization. Working at home can better balance work and personal life (family, hobbies …).


If today you do not have a well-defined project of creating an independent activity from your home, you will have to search for opportunities or best jobs for moms at home. Where to find them? How to sort through the multitude of offers that will occur to you? We have listed for you a number of research avenues, functions of your current status or desired. An offer to work at home can be a salaried job or a proposed activity at home.


You are an employee and you wish to exercise your current job from your home?


You can totally ask your employer or propose to carry out your missions wholly or partly from home. However, this does not apply to all types of positions, it is clear that technical jobs: of production or requiring the company materials cannot be outsourced to your home. But for secretarial positions, marketing, sales … the possibility is worth considering. If your company is not used to provide this type of contract or working method, then you have to support your request for proposal contacts and “control” of your assignments from your employer telephone meetings, means of communication, (Skype for example, access to the company intranet …) beats physical meetings or frequency shift within the company itself … This change in the workplace must be accompanied by an amendment to this specifying in all conditions.


If you are an executive employee your expertise and advice may be of interest for your business assignments. In this case, the company is an avenue to explore. Your contract of employment may be retained if the port for additional assignments or broken and transformed entirely in company agreement if all of your missions are carried out as a freelancer. This may have large benefits to your company from being able to cope with workloads or projects without increasing payroll. In addition, it gives you the advantage of being able to develop your income by offering your services to other companies, although with reservations on clauses of confidentiality respected with your current employer. It can be a good springboard to build your business in the future.

Tips for a Bloom Mom Who Works at Home

Mom Working From HomeThe choice for a woman between professional development and family life often arises with the birth of children. If it happens more frequently than the father opts for relief work time or parental leave, the fact remains that this choice still frequently return to the mother. It is often a balance between a job, a career and well-being of their family. In this context, working from home can be a very interesting alternative and among best jobs for moms for any at-home mom or any woman with professional ambitions.


Indeed, working from home makes it easier to reconcile work and family life, managing and organizing working time, allowing a greater maternal presence, leaving the opportunity for a great career success. However, to engage in a work at home requires discipline and organization.


Here are some tips for moms who want to start a home business. These tips are aimed specifically for women who want to make their work at home an independent company, a real activity full of success and not just a small additional income.


Tips for being a bloom mom who works at home:


Accept for not being perfect


With best jobs for moms at home, daily tasks which are housewives or business meet. For a successful home business, it is not to spend three-quarters of the day cleaning the house, storage … Remove immediately from your mind the idea that you must have a flawless inside because you’re at home. To keep enough time to develop your homework, agree to put aside for later (by organizing course) the storage of two or three toys left in the living room with your little one or thorough cleaning of your kitchen units because you saw when you wake up your work a ray of sunshine left few traces appear …


Inform your close circle of your business


Firstly, it is to explain your new work situation, your goals … your spouse and your children. It is important that your immediate family is aware that some of your time at home they are not spent directly, even at certain times of the day that your peace should be respected. Whether you are already at-home mom or you leave a job outside your home to start your business at home, explain the early days with your family, friends or neighbors nearby that you work from home. This will allow you to clarify from the outset why you are not available at any hour of the day to discuss one hour on the phone or for a coffee with your neighbor who just rang you. Secure from the start of your work at home with your loved these limitations that might otherwise be infringing on your work time, or create misunderstandings and not always pleasant thoughts.


Choose an activity or field of activity that interests you


Being independent, work at home for you require some personal motivation can be given by a boss or colleague. Choosing a field you are passionate about, will you not only have the motivation to do things, but also do the job better, faster while being more creative or reactive. In addition, like any self-employed, you’ll get high but also low to cross. Moments of doubt or problems will be much easier to overcome if you work in an area that you are passionate about. Freedom of working from home allows you to choose exactly what this luxury … almost … unlike a traditional employment where you would sometimes not that achieving challenging tasks that you may be requested by a hierarchy. You will feel a positive fulfillment of working with passion and enthusiasm in your home business.


There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!