Desperate Stay at Home Moms

You know the saying: work is good for health. It seems to be especially true for moms. According to a U.S. study published in a Journal , work is good for physical and mental health of women.


Part time or full time  Desperate Stay At Home Mom


According to this researcher, the physical and psychological health of women at home is worse than those working. Stay at home moms say they are more often depressed than others. However, according to Psychologist, working women have better stress management. They feel that they contribute more to the well-being of their families and they are the best moms.


But the ideal situation is to work a part-time job because moms would find a balance between family life and professional life. Moms working part time feel that they can invest as much with their children than their work. They get involved in the life of the school as well as stay at home moms and more than moms that work full time. They are listening to their children and do more cultural activities or sporting than others.


So the best jobs for moms are considered as part time jobs because moms can make a balance between their work and their family besides doing other extra activities to the well-being of mental and physical health. Doing so moms would not get desperate and stressed because of the daily routine; just taking care of children and housework…