Free Ways to Make Known Your Home Job Offer


Many tools available to you to promote your work offer at home. Mom Working Online

Starting with free tools:


Free ads


In most areas and small towns, there are newspapers that take ads. After testing a text in adwords you can enter free ads. It summarizes a small list of free classifieds sites. And all the proposed sites are the most effective solutions to sell your offers and earn money quickly with your best jobs for moms.


Create a website and reference it


The objective of this course is not to teach you how to reference a website. But of course we will cover most of it. Traffic created by search engines is particularly interesting.


Write an eBook and sell the license to readers


One of the best ways to get free traffic is to write an eBook, sell or give away, and at the beginning of this eBook is it specified that each player by purchasing this eBook, has a right of resale.

For example Christian wrote “How to enrich On Internet without Having Website”, he sold 17.50 dollars – we have sold to more than 50,000 dollars- and, according to Google, 18,000 sites sell this book! This brings it every day hundreds of visitors to the site.

We call this process “viral” because the book is spread on the internet a bit like a virus.


Write articles


Many sites offer free articles of law. You can write an article that will interest your prospects, provide useful information and finish giving details of your site and your job offer for free.

You can find other sites article submission by typing “free articles” in Google.

You can also submit your articles directly to one or more sites.


Publish a newsletter


If your newsletter is interesting your subscribers will bring new ones. Other contractors talk about you in their posts; you’ll even newspaper articles talking about your newsletter.


The most useful and the most common is “adwords” to Google


You just need a credit card to open an account and get adwords first prospects to your site in 15 minutes.

Use adwords not only to bring prospects to your website, but also to test new hooks and new ad texts. The cost of contact, in most cases, is ridiculous compared to what you can earn.