How to Find Part-time Jobs for Stay at Home Moms?

Mom With Headset Moms have a busy schedule. If you have children, you need to take care of them, to prepare meals and to keep your house clean; you may not have time to work on a full-time job. However, you can still use the free time you have to make money at home as a part-time job. Find jobs that meet your time requirements such as online learning, work phone and content creation in your home.



1)    Calculate the amount of time you have available for work. A mother who work at home, probably have less time available than you can think. Think of each task you do every day, the amount of time it takes and the remaining time in your schedule after finishing all your tasks. Do not forget to include tasks such as cooking, doing laundry and cleaning; all jobs will take time to complete outside of your part-time basis.


2)    Make a list of skills you have to offer employers. Write down all the things you can do on a sheet of paper. Once you have your list, identify two areas where you have the most passion.


3)    Job search online. Go to sites of popular free career and do a search on the term “work at home”. See requirements for each job and apply for jobs that match your criteria. Make sure your CV up to date and send a professional cover letter to each employer to get the best jobs for moms.


Tips & Warnings

A thorough investigation of the workstations of the house to meet you before you accepts a job with any company. You may find that their employees left before bad online reviews on society due to unfair treatment, undeserved upfront costs and lack of payment for services rendered.


Part time jobs

Moms may find themselves thrown involuntarily part-time hours in a reduction of payroll, while other employees prefer shorter work schedule. Employees and employers can find part-time work offers more flexibility. A mom may find it easier to balance home and work life, then an employer may have part-time on-site to cover the busiest periods. A part-timer mom can also use some of that extra time to take care of her children or to pursue other interests. They consider part time jobs as best jobs for moms.


Part-time Benefits for moms

Most companies set a minimum number of hours an employee must work before he can get benefits, but that varies by company. A mom who is considering a part-time schedule has to know if she can still receive health insurance. However, part-time work can be a plus for older moms who draw social security benefits, the Social Security Administration begins to deduct from checking the pension after a certain wage threshold is reached.