Making the Decision to Be a Stay at Home Mom

Best Jobs for Moms: Stay At Home MomThere are just 50 years; the standard for women was to stay at home to care for their children as well as any domestic logistics (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc…) Today, the very vast majority of women are studying and working before having children, and then resume their occupation a few months (sometimes weeks) after the birth of their baby, trusting it to a guard outside. Yet even though they are often on the margins of the dominant values ​​of society, some mothers remain attached to traditional values ​​and choose the function housewife. What about you? Are you made ​​for that?


Being a housewife

Women who choose to leave (permanently or temporarily) their careers to devote themselves fully to the education of their children cite several reasons.

First, it is obviously the visceral need to look themselves in their offspring that causes women to become a housewife. Indeed, they are inconceivable to entrust their young foreign hands. They prefer to be present during all the learning of their children, watching them grow and evolve, taking care of every aspect of their lives.


For a less stressful life

Then stay at home moms say that family dynamics complete (including marriage) benefits from this change, because the stress is much less present in everyday life. These families do not experience any pressure which is the prerogative of modern life: waking up, eating speed, prepare lunches, get kids to school or daycare, go to work, pick up the children, make shopping, preparing meals, etc.. Stay at home moms are more Zen … This does not mean they are lazy: it is a full time job to take care of a house and two children or more!


Recreate a winning model

Finally, it is common for these housewives that want to replicate their own family model, which “worked” Although the current discourse emphasizes the importance for women to get a satisfying career, many women have considered since their childhood to stay home and raise their children.


Financial situation

Of course, this is the first point to consider if you want to quit working to devote to the education of your children. Some caress perhaps secretly wish that at the end of itself, but refuse to put it into practice, because they are afraid to go through moments too difficult on the material plane. It is clear that pay less in a family, it leaves a hole…


By cons, we must also take into account the potential savings:

No childcare

No second car and insurance to pay

No fresh clothes “career” (and they are often overpriced, say it!)

No restaurant or delivery to the last minute, because there is nothing ready and children screaming with hunger

No prepared foods (and expensive) because there enough time to plan your meals, etc…

It should be good to your account, and you may find that the decline of money in your home is not actually that bad … In addition, women who choose this lifestyle say that seeing their children grow up well worth the drop in income.