Maternity: Prepare Your Return to Work

Best Jobs For Moms: Mom Preparing for Work Return Most mothers find that time has passed too quickly when the time comes to start working … The stress of separation from baby compounded by the daily logistics organization itself. You probably imagine, but being a mom AND a full-time employee requires some discipline, good organization and a lot of creativity. For a smooth transition, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Some tips…


Who will keep the baby?

It is of course the first thing to deal with. As for the well-being of babies as yours, it is essential to plan this well in advance.


The care options for your child

It is possible to envisage a subsidized child care in a family environment, a private daycare, a babysitter to your home or, more traditionally, to rely on the goodwill of Grandma (or another relative)…


In all these cases, you must ensure that your baby will be perfectly safe in the right hands, in a healthy, stimulating and enjoyable.


It will be much easier to take the step if you have a complete trust in the person who will take care of your little angel. Do not hesitate to ask questions, to ask for references, and most importantly, trust your instincts!

How to prepare the baby?


Baby also will change drastically … Since his birth, he is with you all the time, every day. Moreover, even if it seems difficult to leave your child for several hours a day, you know the reason and know that there is no other possible solution.


Your child does not understand … He sees his life and routine completely changed overnight. There is no point blaming yourself for this, as your child gets used to his new surroundings after a while, but know that you can help make the transition easier.


A sleep routine


First, a few weeks before the big day, you should consider gradually changing your sleep routine that is consistent with your work schedule. Baby makes the fiesta until one in the morning and wake up at 8 or 9:00?


This may be a very enjoyable time for you, but think that at some future time, you will BE the office at 8 am. Try both to get used gradually to your new schedule, it will be easier!