Opportunities for Working from Home

Manufacture, packaging

Home manufacture and home packing: offers


What is it?

best Jobs For Moms: Mom Working from HomeThe packaging at home:

You’ll find samples or small parts packed in packaging shape.

Advantages: easy, no brainer

Disadvantages: It takes practice and a good ability to go fast and be profitable; we need to find a job close to home.

The big problem: low pay, few jobs, care and handling of travel.

No deals currently available.


Manufacture at home:

– Involves assembling jewelry for example, from supplies.

– Paid by the piece, with quality criteria.

The advantages and disadvantages are the same as for packaging.

Warning: there are scams: you pay to receive the basic parts (already is a bad start) and when you pay, the box does not exist, or did not receive your package, or your achievements are not quite well done … well, no payment!




Work from home thanks to eBooks? Is that possible?

Yes, and there are even more ways to do this!

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We will indeed publish a series of articles detailing the different (legal!) ways to earn money with eBooks. No quick way to get rich by tomorrow (that unfortunately does not exist!), But specific information on what works, where to address this type of work, and where to find good information.


You can also check the “Objective EBook” Guide Collection “Activity at Home”, which reveals no superfluous crap to know the tricks to quickly create and sell eBooks…