Secrets of a Well-Organized Mom


What are your priorities? No, do not think about the dishes that accumulates over the counter … What are your priorities according to your desires that come from the heart? If your family, friends and work come before the details of the order and cleaning your home, this article is for you! It doesn’t mean to forget about housework, but to do so casually without having always in mind. The weekend arrived, it is much more pleasant to plan for the next activity that you like than planning for household to do.


Tolerance  Well-Organized Mom


The first thing to determine is your tolerance for disorder. By accepting it, the perfectionists among you are ready to find strategies to invest more time in order to feel light and the other will not have to feel guilty.  And if you are lucky to get one among the best jobs for moms at home it will be perfect.


Good Habits


Every mom has her own stuff! Routine and discipline are the watchwords … always prefer reflexes and good habits. One does not go without the other, first choose the tasks that weigh most heavily on our shoulders, those are somehow obscure our daily happiness. Then firmly decide to change our habits and finally move to the action. It is at this time that discipline is necessary to establish a new routine. Everyday activities are much easier to acquire than those made ​​to two or three days. This is why we call routine in the morning or evening routine. For those who hate routine, but who wish to change their behavior to be better organized, it is also possible!


Establish a Routine


A well-established routine becomes easier with time, it requires less effort. Routine and discipline become gradually reflexes and good habits. Routine requires a certain discipline. You are determined to what you weigh on the shoulders become easy; this is the time to take action.


Moms, who hate coaching routines, but have saw benefits to help balance work and family. By working together, a tool that has been called “The table of good habits” was born. Awesome! It is chosen to perform a task every day for at least 42 days without interruption. If there is an interruption, the counter is reset. After 42 days, the effort turned into a reflex, the heavy task disappeared from our thoughts and spontaneously performed every day. The habit is ingrained. Perseverance is required for this perilous exercise, best jobs for moms also help to get a balance between work and family especially if it’s at home.


Some secrets of well-organized moms


Washing without thinking: Every morning before taking shower, start a load of laundry and forget for the day. When children are lying, and your husband extends while you clean the house until it goes up a laundry basket that bend while chatting in the day.


Lunch:  cook double if it is not four times! As well as being in the kitchen, why not? Chicken, two or three in the oven at the same time, it’s the same…


Cleaning: divide the tasks. Monday: bathroom, Tuesday: dusting, etc…. start a timer for 15 minutes and it’s a race to do so. When it rings, reward. Saturday is so dedicated to the children rather than the household.