The Financial Dependence of Moms


Young Mom and Daughter Marginal moms at home, likely there will always be more working mothers than mothers at home. We are not talking about surf here. Away because the job market is not easy and requires some sacrifices. Including financial, since the budget of the couple is a pay cut.


To understand the reality of mothers at home, you should definitely rule out the model of the queen of the home subject to the emperor husband. For this new generation, the resolution of caring for children full-time is primarily dependent on a father-mother partnership as strong as solidarity. Moms we interviewed even consider that part of the wages of their spouse rightfully theirs. “I feel I have the same value as him. I have done many studies and I work hard, even if it is at home. That’s fair to share the income, “says a mom at home.


However, the loss of financial autonomy of these mothers, even transient, is not without worry of many feminists. “Withdraw for a long period of labor market, is to place oneself in a position of danger of dependence. Do not condemn the choice of mothers, but it remains that it is someone else wins under “. For her, it must go further in terms of work-family balance. “We must provide our society better collective resources. One could for example create circles of higher quality in early childhood centers, so that women do not have the sense to abandon their child. It should also improve the conditions of employment of parents. Why not give them the opportunity to make a gradual return to work? ‘


The work is still associated with “being as a man.” But working for a woman, it’s more complex than that. There should be a world of work better suited to women. I’d like mothers who stay at home are supported, but they have no other choice than full-time job or full stop; the part time job is among the best jobs for moms but the opportunities are rare. For now, it is almost impossible to find a good daycare that offers up two days a week, “says one who feels more feminist since motherhood.


The return of gender roles


Although these mothers ensure that their choice does not fit into the groove of any conservatism – especially as they plan for the most reconnect with the world of work once their children sitting on a bench school, is still in custody those called the girls and granddaughters of feminism. It is concerned that young women go to school and have children without realizing the insidious cultural regression that they undergo. Must admit that if some women give the choice to work or not, they are often imitated by men. Return to the specialization of roles: women spend on household chores and child rearing; men take care of the family income. “We must be careful, because the gender of tasks back soon,” and also after childbirth and breastfeeding, both parents are physically equal in the “caring”.