The Social Life of Moms

Best Jobs For Moms: The Social Life Of MomsSocial life of a stay at home mom


You must immediately know that your life choices will probably not unanimity among your family and knowledge … You hear a lot of comments such as:


I could not feel like a skivvy!

But you have qualifications, experience, why stay and do nothing?

You’re lucky, you’re always on vacation!

You get to live with your spouse, it’s degrading…

Women fought to be able to work, you regressed!

And so on … One thing is sure: it will be absolutely sure you want to move in this direction, otherwise you will indeed unfortunate. Our grandmothers did not have fought for the right to work, but to have the choice to do so. If your personal choice is to stay at home, it is equally valid and respectful of Women as your colleague who prefers to place their children in daycare at 6 months.


In addition, you should expect to experience changes in your social network: may you live in isolation, especially at first. In fact, you probably know that some people who live like you. If you feel alone, it is absolutely necessary to go out and do things with your children libraries, shopping, park, coffee associations meeting to stay at home moms, etc… After some time, you have a hectic life again, surrounded by people who are moving in the same situation as you. You can build new friendships, just like your children.


Some points to discuss with your spouse


Obviously, the decision to become a housewife takes two. You will need to discuss all matters relating to this lifestyle with your spouse to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Here are some things to discuss:


– Very important: is he actually encourages and supports your decision, or does he feel “forced” to accept? Some men do not particularly like to be the sole provider of the family…

– Financial planning: How will you share the money earned by Mr.? In what expenses you will “cut” to compensate for the loss of income?

– Planning household tasks: if your spouse works all week to support the family, he is entitled to expect that you did not rely on it more for cleaning and washing…

In general, regardless of the points that come to mind, it is better to mention before you start … You avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions!


And when the children are grown?


The great advantage in our modern society is that no choice is necessarily final! Unlike our grandmothers remaining housewives all their lives without being able to change their condition, we can decide to stay home a few years, then back to work … Some women prefer to return to work when their children are in school, others expect them to be “big” (after high school), so others appreciate their role and the routine they retain for rest of their lives.


Of course, it is not always easy to find a challenging job after a big hole in your resume, but it is always possible to shift, to take over updates, to create a small business…