Tips for Moms to Earn Money by Recycling

Best Jons for Moms: Mom Using Old Cloths to Get CouponsSell ​​your old mobile phone

You may not know this but you can sell your old mobile phone. One condition: it must still work. For that you contact specialized companies like Love2recycle. They indicate the models they redeem and the price they offer. Depending on your model, you can expect up to 220 dollars. If they fit you, send them your phone to the address indicated. Within ten days, you will receive a check for the agreed amount. Attention shipping is not supported.


Put your glass bottles set point

Glass bottles still have the potential to recover a few dollars by referring them to the set. Supermarkets have introduced modern equipment dedicated to the set point. They recognize the bottles, sort and call the customer to purchase a coupon from 10 to 30 cents per bottle for use in the supermarket. If successful, this principle could return in force.


Your old clothes against coupons

It is amazing but true. More stores ready-to-wear invite their customers to bring their old clothes, they are worn or not, in exchange for a reduction in claims in their shop. For example, some brands regularly conduct “Operation Bring your old jeans” with the associations. Whatever the brand, size or condition of the jeans, the brand offers an immediate 20% discount. In the same spirit, the shoes stores recover old boots and give a discount of 10 dollars on a new pair. And they undertake to recycle leather and rubber.


Recycle being useful to others

It is also possible to recycle without necessarily making money but being useful to society in general. Think for example of your file used in the receptacles provided for this purpose in most stores batteries. They are then recycled and recovered material finds a new use in the valve or the railways. For your old clothes out of the transactions contemplated by some shops do not hesitate to confide in associations.