What Is the Best Type of Resume for Moms?

Learn how to choose between three types of resume (combination functional chronological order): a stay at home mom looking to return to the labor market and wants to get the best jobs for moms.

Return to work after spending time outside the labor market can be very difficult, especially for stay home moms. One of the questions most commonly asked job seeking mothers is back: “How can I best document my time: a housewife on my resume? »And there are a few answers to this, depending on your career goals, the amount of time that you took off the labor market and the industry you plan to return to your home.

Depending on these factors, returning moms seeking work can present their experiences in one of three types of resumes: the combination resume, functional or chronological resume.

This article will provide you with an overview of each of these three types of resume that will help you to decide which type is best for your individual situation and unique: a mom.

What is a chronological resume?

The chronological resume is the most common type of resume, featuring a career objective, education, a chronological list of her achievements and work experience and also skills related.

Should I, as a Mom or a housewife use a chronological resume?

Responding to this question”Should you use a chronological”, this type of resume is best for someone who is “experienced” and continues a chronology of the history of employment. The experts advise moms to avoid this type of resume.

Instead of this type of resume, most experts recommend that moms should turn to a functional or combination resume.


Let know about these types of resume:

The functional resume

Functional resume Highlight your abilities, such as hiring, management or coaching, rather than your chronological work history.

In this type of resume, you need to start organizing your past work experience in the skill categories that relate or correspond to the job for which you are applying. Then, within these categories, include your work experience, your education, training, experience, volunteers, etc…

Should I, as a mom at home use a functional resume?

It depends. If you have been for a considerable time outside the workforce and have little or no experience translatable (volunteer, freelance, etc.). Operate explicitly in the job you are applying, then yes. The functional resume, which will probably end with a simple list of your work history, will focus on the skills that are translatable to a variety of work areas, most, bring to the attention of your lack of experience and employment gaps on your skills and what you can bring to the table.

Although seemingly a perfect fit for some mothers in the hope of re-entering the labor market and getting the best jobs for moms, it must be said that this type of resume is not without its drawbacks.

The combination

The third option types of resume for housewives choice is the combination resume. This type of resume is recommended for stay at home moms because it combines some of the more traditional chronological resume with the functional resume.


When you create a CV combination drive with a career summary that actually focuses on how your skills, experience make you qualified for the job. Then, create a work history section that organizes your experiences in reverse chronological order.

Certain other sections that could be included in your resume are: education, training, languages, Affiliations and additional and different information.

What’s the next step after choosing a type of resume?

After deciding which resume work the best for your unique situation and which allows you to find the best jobs for moms, you begin to build your resume. And, while it is more common to start brainstorming for what happens in a resume at this time, it is recommended that the brainstorming begin earlier, preferably before you even decide which type of resume.

If you are not sure of choosing the suitable resume type for your situation:

If you are still unsure, just start going with the type of resume that seems to fit your situation better. Send your resume to potential employers and measure their answers. If you find, after sending your resume that it doesn’t get success, try contacting a potential employer and invites his comments on your resume and if that was the deciding factor against you planned for the position. From there, work at that comments and create a new resume using other types of resumes, to find the best jobs for moms.

There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!