Why you should become a Work-at-home Mom?

Some mothers may be wondering, How do we prove ourselves and achieve our ambitions in our presence and stay at home in the private space?   It is not the productive work that provides consumer goods and services to the society, but rather the humanitarian work that is based on the production and construction of the human being. Thus, motherhood becomes one of the most important productive works, this reality reduces women’s sense of helplessness, inferiority, and futility.
It’s easy to think that you’ll never going back to where you left in your career if you quit the job you have dedicated your whole life to in order to stay home with the kids, but have you ever thought about taking care of your children and in the same time manage work from home? Many moms have chosen some available opportunities and take on a work at home job, or they simply create their own. Working from home gives you great opportunities to connect with your family and community and at the same time requires you to learn discipline, focus and commitment.
Working from home requires very special qualities such as fulfillment and the ability to self-control. If you’re still in doubt about how great being a work at home mom actually is, here is some Reasons to change your mind:


If you’re a work-at-home mom, you can prioritize according to your own circumstances, and so you can freely work where you want whenever you want and in conditions that definitely suits you. With little organization, the main advantages can be learned. Some see it as a way of saving many of the expenses imposed by going out to work every day. Working mothers can take care of their children and follow them closely.
Spend more time with your kids:
Working at home can be a relief because you stay with your family members, especially your young children, so you can easily meet their needs and requirements. As a work at home mom, there is always time for your kids. After all, the most important thing is that your kids are in a loving, stimulating and positive environment. Women’s most important priority is to always be there for their sons in need, and if they aren’t mentally and physically prepared for such thing, there’s a high chance that their kids won’t experience a normal childhood as the others.

Reduce Stress:

Working outside your home is accompanied by a tension which can be stimulated by moving from place to place, conflicts between co-workers or competition. Not to mention how being stuck in the traffic will consume your energy even before the start of the day, especially if the workplace is far away from home. As for other stressors, We can include non-friendly workmates as well as an invalid work environment and distracting factors.
Increase Productivity:
Working from home is an important factor in increasing productivity, for the simple reason that you’ll be working in your preferred environment with your own rules. In addition, work from home can be considered as one of the factors that will make you happier, and gives you the opportunity to become a successful business woman.

Eliminate commute:

Working from home eliminates the costs of commuting, so by working at home the commuting time saved enables you to do some physical exercises or go for a long walk with your kids, and you don’t have to think of what you should wear every day, in addition you will avoid stress and store positive energy that will be beneficial in taking care of your child.
The bottom line is, working woman is a woman worthy of respect and appreciation, because she is strong and able to reconcile between her home and her family and her work, and she is an ambitious woman who refuses to be dependent on anyone and contributes to building her society effectively, because she supports the man and stands beside him and puts her hand in his hand to build her homeland. Thus, no country in the world can develop effectively except with the cooperation of its women and men all in its work and in the extent of the responsibility that surrounds it. There is always positives and negatives of working whether home or outside. After all, it all depends on how capable a woman is to do both jobs without leaving any disorder that would affect her functions and what her kids expect from her as a mom.