Working Moms: How to Decorate and Equip Their Corner Office?

How to work from home comfortably?

The storage: For your life does not interfere with your personal life and be comfortable with your best jobs for moms, opt for large storage cupboards. Once your finish workday, you can easily store everything and not have your current files in your field of vision.

The Office: The office is your main tool. Select it with a large worktop and plenty of storage. A trick to make sure that you find the pearl, Sitting on your chair, you can get everything you use daily just by turning on your chair.

The office chair

The seat is essential in the development of a workstation, to work your best jobs for moms comfortably. To be ergonomic and avoid back pain or circulation problems, it must be chosen according to your body type. Please note when purchasing: the back of your chair should be thick and should be able to tilt backward – for a good back – and height adjustment – to suit all your activities. The presence of more armrests can be. They allow you to relieve your neck and shoulders.

If your office has multiple positions, choose a chair with wheels for easy placements. Be careful not to kill your ground!       Home office

Bet then to a wheelchair for hard floors or invest in a carpet protector soil

Computer equipment: To save space provided, use the computer screen as flat as possible. For your comfort eyes, do not buy a screen less than 19 inches. A laptop is necessary.

Hint: At home, working with industry and consider removing your battery! You deal falsely slower and your computer will last longer!

If you are working in a confined space, provide a light therapy device, to full of light and good humor during your moments of pause.


This workspace is the place where you spend most of your time in your best jobs for moms. You’re lucky; you can decorate as you see fit and so you feel good. Enjoy and indulge yourself. Choose your favorite colors; dress them with stickers or accessories that you like. Beware; this is your place of work. The excess is to be avoided, especially if you are required to receive customers.