Working Moms and Child’s Daycare

Best Jobs for Moms: Working Mom and Child CareFor most of you, there comes a heartbreaking moment when you have to leave your little angel at daycare to resume professional activities … Yes, money does not grow on trees and parental leave has an end!


If, today, the majority of mothers greatly appreciate the opportunity to have a professional life, they experience still mixed feelings when the fateful day comes to leave baby in the care of unknown hands, as they are experienced! So that the transition is as pleasant as possible, here are some tips.


Find your care as soon as possible


Obviously, this is the most important point. You will leave your most valuable in the hands of an (almost) unknown. It is necessary for your own welfare and the baby; you have complete confidence in the person who will take care of your child. In addition, if you know soon enough with whom your baby will spend his days, you will have the opportunity to leave for short periods of a few hours to accustom gradually.


Plan ahead your return to work


The following points will probably not relieve your pain, but you will start the job without worrying about small technical details that would add another to the already present stress.


Contact the employer


You should contact your boss 2-3 weeks in advance to discuss your schedule and tasks. In some cases it may even be possible to return to work part-time, or doing a few days of homework each week, which could be a good solution for the gradual transition.


Withdrawal plan


If you are still breastfeeding the baby then you have to stop before starting work, start weaning a few weeks in advance. If you prefer to continue breastfeeding, but be sure to accustom baby to take his bottles in the day, at times when you will not be there.


Arrange for child care


Contact the center to find out what you need to bring in order not to end up with a mountain of objects to identify the evening before.


Practice routine


Perform at least once a trip (during peak hours) between your home, daycare and work to find an exact idea of ​​how long the journey will take the big day You’ll be able to wake up early to prepare and give baby the attention it needs in the morning.