Working Moms Are They Guilty?

Women today are happy to work. Their financial independence is supported, and I would even say it goes hand in hand with motherhood. But this “stacking” sometimes puts in a complicated situation. We are still in a country where the issue of childcare is not set and where work schedules do not take into account family needs…

This may seem very paradoxical, but what does that prove? This proves that when women have the choice, when we provide them with a suitable living environment, they do both; taking care of children and work! Otherwise, they “choose” to work and search for the best jobs for moms…

What is the role of men in the labor conflict, work and children?                   Mother & Daughter

We draw attention to the sharing domestic tasks of family which is not equal between the couple, the question is: why do men still resist sharing tasks?

In my opinion, this is not a problem of desire. They have the desire to care for their child. Rather, it is a conflict of manhood. Some men are still struggling to identify models that were previously women. Men participate more but it is most of the time, not in continuity. Women have always borne to her mental organization. Dads are too few to have on their agenda the issue of the baby-sitter and the date of appointment with the pediatrician.

The anguish of separation from the mother, the parents and the child is related to their psychological and physical proximity. It would be greatly reduced with a longer parental leave and if parents could prepare psychologically (having the choice in advance of childcare, for example). For the balance of the baby, it is also essential to entrust gradually, so that the separation is not too radical.

Working women have no guilt to work. They blame when there is suffering, difficulties with their child. It is their additional responsibilities tipped moms in guilt. To release this feeling, the psychological burden of organizing the lives of children should be shared with the father, the workplace, the state, the society in general.

In this case the work hard of moms can be the reason of all these problems that’s why community should help moms to find the appropriate job and moms too should make an effort to opt for the best jobs for moms that can be suitable and adaptable with their family responsibilities and there are many opportunities of getting the best jobs for moms.