A Mom Looking For a Job

Best Jobs For Moms: Mom Looking for a JobDue to lack of social life, professional life, contact with the outside world and well-understood additional income would be welcome!


You should know that financial independence is something important: to make small pleasures, gifts to family from time to time without having to ask your husband for money…


When looking for a job…. set these things as a priority:


– Find a way of occasional childcare

– Defining the job wanted

– Define the scope of work (workplace – time – work time – salary …)


First Point : childcare

– Babysitters / Nannies: an unknown that keeps your children with all that means is out of the question. Also, find someone free at the last moment, they are already overbooked, do not dream!


– Crib: no possibility of contract because you do not work. Possibility to book at the last minute subject to availability … Great, great reassuring!

If there is no room what to do?  Take them with you to interview and it is the secretary who acts as nanny??


2nd point: What kind of work you want to do?

Every environment in the labor market is already very difficult to get over there and it requires a huge personal investment, something that you cannot give at this time because your career is not your priority at the moment.


So, you can go for the assistantship:

– Administrative Assistant

– Sales Assistant

– Legal Assistant….


3rd point: The scope of work…

In your quest on finding a job, you’re looking for a part-time to continue to see your children grow up.





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