Advice for Young Moms Returning To the Labor Market


Young Mom Holding Her Son Many women interrupt sooner or later their careers to devote themselves to their children. Most are determined to return to work as soon as children are old enough. In practice, however, it is not easy to return to the labor market and find the best jobs for moms.


Insecurity plays an important role. How the family will react? But what have you yet to offer to employers?


Stay informed 


Use the time spent at home, to read newspapers, maintain contacts with colleagues, take courses or immerse yourself in a subject that you have never been able to devote time. By leaving your job to benefit your offspring, you walk away, in fact, away from your professional world.


If circumstances do not allow you to keep up to date, do it as soon as you start to apply to get the best jobs for moms.


Stay active


Why do not you suggest your services to either voluntary organization? In this way, you will maintain your social contacts and add some strings to your bow.


Get to the point


Before applying, ask yourself what you really want to do. You continue in the same direction or you change course?


Enlist your partner


Women have the right to work AND have children. In other words, when you return to work after your career break, you can require your partner to give you a hand in organizing the household.




Courses and additional training will help you refresh your old skills or develop new skills.


Make a list of your skills


Stay at home to care for children do not mean that your skills will melt like snow in the sun. Some skills may somewhat grow old, but you gain new: organization, planning, coordination, these skills are useful in any type of work.


The hole in your C.V.


Now opt for a functional C.V. This type of C.V focuses on your skills. If a recruiter asks about your career break and expose him clearly and positively what you’ve done. Do not say: “I ​​have not worked for two years.” Say: “I ​​was full time mom for two years and I saw my little girl grow up.”




Tell as many people (neighbors, friends, family, former colleagues) you are looking for a new job. Send unsolicited applications for businesses. Do not hesitate to cross the threshold of a company to gather information about their hiring intentions.




If your dream job is slow to occur, consider the possibility of a temporary agency work. So you can maintain your skills while continuing to seek a definitive work.




It goes without saying that all these tips are valid for dads who decide to also re-enter the work following a career break.

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