Becoming Mom: Practical Changes


Be responsible for one third Mom Working on Computer and Holding her Baby


Becoming a mom is taking responsibility for a small baby and weaker than themselves, take care of his health, his education, his happiness, and give him emotional security and therefore the kindness and attention. The welfare of the child is then at the forefront of your concerns, at least in the early years of his life. He includes your projects, your schedule necessarily. All your decisions concern as he depends on you. In short, you cannot act as the sole involved. And this also applies to the way you manage your life together.


Assume a new status


Another important: your status changes. In your family, you become mom before daughter, which can sometimes leave some (finally) to express their individuality. Each member of the tribe “repositioning” in relation to you: your parents become grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, in-laws etc… In the company, you become a mother, with all that entails symbolic: caricature of the modern woman torn between her job and her kids, target marketing preferred but also accomplished woman, requiring compliance.


Organize increasingly


Obliged to divide your time into three, you necessarily decrease the time that belongs to you and that usually devoted to your man. There arises a new organization, tight and crucial, because you cannot find a balance by sacrificing one of the three poles. Provide becomes second nature. Delegate a sixth sense. Prioritize a rule of survival. Your calendar will not leave you as far as your useful numbers, your first aid kit and a host of time-saving tips: shopping on the net, home gym…


Adapt working life


Whether you decide to get the best jobs for moms and take part-time work from home, drop your career or to continue to 200% in a Major or build your business, your choice involves adaptations. You must first determine your priorities and identify solutions that are available to you in terms of childcare, measure your capabilities in terms of budget, negotiate arrangements with your employer or seek a job that suits you best among best jobs for moms. Finally, it remains to discuss with your husband, he may also be inclined to reduce his working hours or to change his habits. In short, once again, there is no question of sacrifice but adaptation.


Change of pace


Mean by that no longer count on sleeping in the weekend to recover these sleepless nights. Consider also the word “night” in the first sense: when the sun disappears. From 18 hours in winter to 5 hours in summer, these are the hours that you can use to sleep. Same rule for meals taken at the Spanish time watching a DVD may displease the baby. Finally, the last major strain on your new agenda: the school year. Class schedules, dates of holidays, output and released Saturday, all these data now belong to your organization, or even your internal biological clock. To not forget, the appointment with the doctor, the paint shop on Wednesday and the rest of the first year during which you stack the time to put a facial mask…