Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Best Jobs For Moms: Jobs for Pregnant WomenThe kind of work that you should practice during pregnancy should be something that involves a minimum of stress and no physical effort. At the same time, it is best to choose flexible working hours (not to mention maternity leave and related benefits), here is a list of some of the best jobs for women who are pregnant.


1. Medical transcription: Medical transcription is a good option for women who know a thing or two about biology, human anatomy and medicine. However, prior knowledge of these areas is not required because there are a number of institutes that offer all the necessary medical transcription training for candidates from non-medical settings. This is a great option for women at home and this is something that you can continue long after the birth.


2. Telemarketing: Another good option for pregnant women, it is to make phone calls to potential clients and to educate or inform them about new products, services and promotions. You can either join a professional telemarketing agency or you can try to do at home.


3. Administrative Jobs: You might think some administrative jobs and office jobs in places like libraries, travel agencies, private offices, etc… Jobs as a receptionist, bookkeeper, typist, etc… would be ideal for you given your needs prenatal care.


4. Medical Billing: Medical billing and employment claims are different from medical transcription jobs. In this case, you will be asked to work with special medical billing software and generate invoices and medical insurance claims which are then sent to the health insurance companies for verification and clearance. You can take this job through an appropriate agency that specializes in this area of ​​work, or you can practice at home after undergoing the necessary training.


5. Jobs Online: The Internet offers a number of online jobs and other options to make money. A number of Internet business and employment opportunities are available in the areas of writing, data entry, typing, software development, website content development, etc…


6. Open a Maternity Shop: During pregnancy, you can promote maternity products and help pregnant to choose maternity clothes and other women products.





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