The Dilemma of Moms at the End of Maternity Leave


An overwhelming majority of mothers would stay at home when their infant is very young. Indeed, the decline in the purchasing power of the majority of workers makes the one income not enough to sustain a whole family. So, it can be difficult to draw a line between family life and the labor market.


There is no denying the arrival of a child sets a new pace of life that is not always in sync with the world of work. However, this new deal will allow the mother to reassess their lifestyle and career goals.


A new rhythm of life New Mom Holding her Child


The birth of a child involves, invariably, a new rhythm of life that require the mother to give a large part of its energy to the infant. This is with a view to reconciling work and family as parental leave allows the mother to be absent from the labor market, so it relies on maternity leave and parental leave. In some cases, a pregnant worker may apply for reassignment, if she believes that her work is likely to affect her health and that of her unborn child.


Back to home


Far from being destabilized by the situation, many women deal with the events that followed the birth of their child. They are able to take advantage of this “cut rate” to redial a report at work which left little room for the arrival of another offspring. This is a “lifestyle choice” that it would matter, since mothers should consult their spouse about their priorities in terms of lifestyle and manage their relationships within the couple.


Many pregnant women would love to have a part-time job, as best jobs for moms; but it is not always the case. It is therefore important, first and foremost, “overcome the fears to face a possible return to the labor market and take the time to do a life review that will weigh the cons for a possible return on the labor market. Obviously, “Mom cannot alone bear all the household chores, especially if she wants to return to the labor market” and, against all odds, some downright opt for the creation of a micro-enterprise, history of the ability to enjoy the best of two worlds.


The essentials


The question of a possible return to the labor market is inseparable skills of the mother. Some women from disadvantaged backgrounds and have few studies to find their assets helpless in the wake of a birth which may have a dramatic impact on their standard of living. These could be tempted to call using social rather than end up with insecure jobs that allow them barely make ends meet. I must say that Welfare reimburse part of the costs of dental, eyeglasses and providers can also take advantage of housing assistance in some cases.


Working Moms Feel Better Than Stay At Home Moms


Working MomA study conducted over 10 years shows that working mothers are in better physical and psychological health.


This research should exonerate working mothers from feeling guilty. Researches show that moms, who work full-time or part full-time, are generally better than their counterparts at home. The situation would be the most fulfilling is having a part-time job it’s among the best jobs for moms, which keeps the advantage of well-being while remaining invested in the education of children.


It appears that the housewives seem less healthy and more depressed during the early years of their child’s life than working life. The study does not specify when moms stay at home result of an inability or the lack choice of finding a job or one of the best jobs for moms.


The big winners of part time job


In comparison, women working full-time or part-time (the latter being defined very broadly as the act of working 1-32 hours per week) feel healthier and feel the same way that working helps well-being of their families and makes them better mothers.


The full-time and part-time, however, differ in their difficulty articulating family life and work demands: on the plan, women employed part-time fared better logically. Despite this, women working more than 32 hours per week do not say less fit or more depressed: it seems that they are managing the extra stress of their situation.


The part-time employees have another advantage over housewives and full-time active moms: they are equally invested in the life of the school as the first (and no surprise that more seconds) to show more listen to their children and offer more stimulating activities than others (through out the museum or library or registering to extra-curricular activities in particular).


These results confirm the positive impact of the occupation on the well-being of mothers, already revealed by a study this year. Put it however cautioned against trying to be exemplary in all respects, which may be a factor in depression.

Mom Missed the Interview!


Mom in an InterviewThat’s it! You have just experienced the worst case scenario in terms of job search. You CERTAINTY have missed the interview that should lead you to the best jobs for moms. A geyser feeling up: it’s a catastrophe, disaster, oh … Let me offer you the opportunity to watch the movie of this interview “failed” with you … and draw reflections that allow you to look after with calm and wisdom.


I tell you first of all a personal anecdote that taught me long about it. There are so many years; I was being interviewed by two managers. The exchange was fluid communication warm … but the duration of the interview only 40 minutes! I was out sheepishly and absolutely convinced that the interview was shortened because it was missed. What was my surprise when contacted me to offer me the position. I have the audacity to share my amazement with the manager saying that my conclusion was quite different. And managers say, “But we were convinced they had found the right person after a few minutes … why stretch unduly the conversation?”The lesson: pay attention to the findings of” failure “… they can be deceiving!


Succeed at all costs?


The feeling of having failed an interview comes from our desire to perform in everything and everywhere to get one of the best jobs for moms? What is a successful interview? simplifying, we could say that a successful interview is to get an employer to provide the most authentic possible, make themselves known with natural truth this is on first hand, the employer can judge whether it is in the presence of a candidate who fits the profile of the position and secondly, the candidate can validate their real interest to hold such a position in the company in question.


What gives moms the impression of having missed the interview?


1. Visibly nervous


It would be superhuman to feel no emotion or no stress during interview. Among other things, what differentiates the candidates; it is often what is controlling their stress.


2. Not have the right answer


Who has not lashed out in an interview by saying, “I should have answered something like …” or “… yet it is something that I knew.” What differentiates the candidates, not their ability to recite all the right answers but it is the happy combination of responses properly secured to the question; good communication (eye contact, positive attitude) presence both energetic and calm.


3. Does not seem to please them


Sometimes, it is impassive gaze Recruiter at the end of the interview, his lack of smile when entering into a perception of his irritation or lack of interest that we give the impression of not having pleased.


The Best Resume Formats for Moms to Return to the Labor Market


Resume IconAnyone woman who wishes to interview for best jobs for moms should submit a resume to the hiring company. Students applying to the College include a CV in their application. Even someone who would like to volunteer for an organization submits a resume to help volunteer responsible for his skills with the needs of the organization.


As a mom moving to the labor market for the first time or returning after a few years off, it is important to capture the attention of a hiring manager with a well-designed CV.


Your registration information


The purpose of your resume is to provide a quick checklist for the hiring manager to determine if you meet the criteria for an interview and expose information the hiring manager and you want to explore in an interview.


Your resume is a snapshot of your adult life, including education, work experience, skills and achievements. It will also include a statement “objective.”


Start with a pad and pencil and make lists under the following headings: Objective employment, work experience, skills, accomplishments and education. Your work experience and education are quantifiable information. Skills and achievements, however, will put you out of all the other candidates with the same work experience and education. As a mom, you have developed people skills and organizational skills that can be used in the workplace. Present these skills in the context of the business, not child care.


Choose a format and Job environnement


Choose a resume format that suits you to get the best jobs for moms. Conservative business C.V begins with a statement of purpose of your job. Then, it will include a simple list of your work experience, education, skills and accomplishments. This is known as a chronological summary. If you are an analytical and focused on the task, you can submit your resume in the traditional style.


Many mothers have little or no operational experience. A chronological C.V may not be the best choice for you. Use a resume format that highlights your skills and accomplishments. This type of resume is known as a functional resume. For example, if you volunteer as a secretary in a local organization of parents, you can organize, edit and distribute notes you take during meetings and send them to members of the organization. Or you can work part time at the local library and help publicize special events. Marketing communications jobs need people with skills of writing and editing to produce press releases and marketing copy. You can list this experience on your resume under “Marketing Skills.’



Jobs during School Hours for Moms


Finding the best jobs for moms can be difficult, especially when you have many children. Most jobs require working hours when children need care and, in many cases, it may cost more to hire a babysitter to watch the kids than you earn. The good news is that there are many jobs that allow you to work while the kids are in school, so you can avoid paying for expensive child care and earn a decent wage in the process.




Nursing offers an excellent opportunity to make money while offering flexible working hours. Good nurses are in high demand and find a job that works around the home schedule is quite possible. The only drawback of this profession is a degree or certification and licensure are required.




Mom Starting business on the InternetThe sale is another option that allows multiple people to work non-traditional hours. Sellers are in high demand and can work in various settings, including a retail establishment in a call center or even at home.


Jobs school system


Working in the system offers work school hours that coincide with the hours of operation of the school. This works well for those with children in school as the start and stop times coincide with the school schedule of the child.


Starting a Business


From a business sounds like a dream come true, and for some stay at home moms, it can be among the best jobs for moms. Many businesses can be started with little or no overhead and allows for flexible hours, including freelance, direct sales companies and e-commerce. Some simple suggestions include freelance writing or photography, selling cosmetics, kitchen accessories or lingerie, or jewelry or trinkets and selling online, a place established as eBay or personal website. Earn money in this way can be a little more difficult, but in the long run, income is only limited by the effort.

There are hundreds of opportunities for moms to find the job that suit their skills and schedule!