Housewife: Real Work?

Best Jobs For Moms: HousewifeAt present, when you say you are a housewife, on official papers, you check the box “no activity”. As if we did not be creating wealth. However, when the same society provides us with any type of care, we limit access to school meals and child care at home moms can avoid the heavy investment that requires the hosting of these children kept at home. The same company is glad to find us when our children are sick; we kept them at home without costing business days of “sick children”.


Then because it is not paid for the exercise, we must stop dreaming about family allowances, they will never be sufficient to raise children. The benefits do not weigh heavily on the family budget. Do not talk about parental leave, compensation and misery that often cost you your job. Because what company you keep your place for 3 years? They are not many!


Finally, because the word works, there is the concept of stress, strain, non-pleasure. Of course, some do their job with passion. They chose their profession and go to work with a real pleasure. But is this really the majority? With children, if there are difficult moments, moments when we feel exhausted, where we do not know how, there are plenty, but then lots of times made ​​of joy, complicity, love, hugs.


So no, it’s not a real job but it should be because it is challenging and requires many skills as possible. Yes, it can be as fulfilling a passion. But this is rarely the case. Why?

Because in the end the housewives, the constraints of a work without the benefit of its benefits.



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