How Stay at Home Moms Return to Work


Tips to resume work 


More than half of the housewives are unemployed after several years off; here are some tips for returning to work. Mom Working from Home


Find a job after one or several years of breastfeeding and raising a child is not always easy for moms, whatever their age. However according to a study conducted by labor of statistics, three-quarters of mothers who have children 0-2 years stay at home full or part time, most of them assuming this situation perfectly and foremost want their children to grow up during the first two years of life.

However, mothers working full-time are likely to refuse to stop working for three months to take care of their young children, mostly for financial reasons, and fear of unemployment…


Support for women returning to work


For mothers wishing to return to work after several years off, there is support offered by associations and companies that offer part time job for moms or home jobs as best jobs for moms.


Tips to return to work  


Contact job search workshops


Job search workshops, training advice give housewives information about the possibilities to return to work and the opportunities available to them.


Try competitions


Also some contests which sometimes requires good levels of training (caregiver, nursery assistant, etc.) There are competition specific access conditions: in the public service, some contest called “external” (which addressed to candidates not civil servants) do not require qualifications for mothers who have raised at least three children.


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