How to Manage Your Time if you’re a Work at Home Mum

Life is always changing, new obstacles and problems raise every day, that’s why time management is hard to master especially if you’re a work at home mom. But it is possible and just like any other skill, time management needs practice and commitment in order to achieve a lifestyle where there is a balance between working and taking care of your family while enjoying every life aspect. Just follow these tips and your productivity will increase significantly.


The most important thing you should start with is time schedule, ask yourself these simple questions:
1- How many hours will I work today?
2- What are the tasks which I have to complete today?
It’s important to align your schedule with your children’s routine since the best thing about being a work at home mom is flexibility, you need to work smarter not harder. Also, make sure to agree with your employer in advance about working hours, but if you’re the boss, you can skip some hours, take your kids to the park and have fun, you can catch up on work later.
The first thing you learn when you become a mother is multitasking, it’s just a fact that moms must learn how to do many tasks at once, if it’s done the right way, multitasking can make your life much easier, your home life and work both will be in a perfect harmony.
How to multitask?
The trick about multitasking is that it depends on the nature of your work, life, family. If you don’t want multitasking to leave you with a dozen of half-done projects, you need to apply this easy trick:
Combine complex mental tasks with simple physical tasks.
When to multitask?
It’s not always a good idea to multitask, a work at home mom needs to differentiate between the circumstances when they must multitask and when to just focus on one thing.
Flexibility vs routine:
Routine makes life easier, a morning routine is essential to start your day right, when it comes to time management the best way to make sure that you’ll get the job done is to determine a specific time for each task.
As kids grow, routines can change and this is why you should be flexible and always ready to make some changes in your routine when necessary.


We humans can be easily distracted, tools like internet, and smartphones is what making work from home possible. But they can turn into a distraction if we allow them to. Getting distracted makes you lose your motivation and lowers your productivity. Many studies have proven that working from home improves productivity, but with the absence of proper balance it can lead to a feeling of isolation and lack of motivation.

Wake up early:

Waking up 2-3 hours before your kids can be so beneficial, boost your morning with a healthy breakfast that will give you energy and improve your cognitive function ( oatmeal, flaxseed, eggs…etc.).
Scientific studies have shown that brain’s top performance happens 2-4 hours after waking up. That’s why you need to start your day with the hard work first. Things, like checking emails, calls, meetings and listening to the news can wait. As soon as you’ll start noticing the benefits of waking up early it will become a regular habit, you just have to use your mindset to stick to an early routine that helps you increase your productivity through the day.

Create a better workplace:

You should separate your rule as a mom and as a businesswoman, the key to being successful in both of them is giving each one your full concentration and a sufficient amount of time. Set up a private workplace, a kids-free place will make you focus more on your work. Another trick is to get well dressed, working in your pajamas may not be a wise idea if you don’t want to get distracted by household tasks take a shower, put some makeup and clean outfits and you’re ready to go.

Find your own way:

Time management tips don’t work for everyone because we all have different lifestyles and weaknesses. The first step is to identify and correct your weaknesses, maybe you need to stop procrastination, or distraction is what makes you less productive. The main factor of your work at home rules should be your personality alongside with the ages of your children.