Job Interview Tips for a Mom Returning To Work


You’ve spent the last few years raising children, and now you think you’re ready to enter the labor market. When interviewing for a job, you can bring your skills and time as a working mother to your advantage. You’ll probably developed multitasking and management skills that will be valuable to your new job. But before you jump in, make sure you’re as prepared as you can be.


Rearrange your CV  Mom in an Interview


To begin your job search, start with your resume. Be away from the workplace for a while you can send your CV a little scary. Back on your resume and start making changes. You have probably learned new skills as a parent that will add to your employability. When writing or rewriting your career goal, you will get a clearer picture of your skills and the type of job that suits you best that will help you narrow down your list of potential employers. Fill gaps in your resume with the tasks that you engage as a mother. For example, you can list your project management skills as a leader delegate of an association or your Excel skills you used to create the household budget. Spend time on your resume will help build confidence and self-awareness necessary to help you overcome the first obstacle of the interview.


Practice with family members


Think of all the possible questions that your prospective employer may ask you when you meet in person. Make a list of these questions. Most people are anxious and forgetful when on the spot. Practicing before the interview, you will lose some of this fear, and your body language will be more relaxed and confident. Also think of a ballpark figure salary and have the family member to adopt a scenario in which the prospective employer feels that you should be less well paid.

Think of situations every day as a mother where your skills helped you overcome obstacles and share them with your interviewer. For example, you can let your interviewer know how you deal with issues of rivalry between siblings when you’re second child was born. This reveals something about your trading skills of conflict and you will get one of the best jobs for moms.




First impressions are important, especially in job interviews. Get an idea of ​​the dress of the company you are interviewing. It is a law firm that follows a formal dress code, or is it a jeans and graphic design company to start T-shirt? Modest, smart casual outfits in deaf colors work best. Avoid excessive jewelry and do not wear big diamond rings or pendants earrings. You want your employer to focus on your skills and you want to get one of the best jobs for moms, so stay away from any fashion item that is too loud or distracting.


Do not dress like you do at home.  Do not steer to “moms” dresses with bright floral prints, sweat pants or clothes with stains regurgitation baby. Sharp and simple outfits like a black skirt and white shirt with a jacket collard convey confidence and efficiency.



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