Mom Missed the Interview!


Mom in an InterviewThat’s it! You have just experienced the worst case scenario in terms of job search. You CERTAINTY have missed the interview that should lead you to the best jobs for moms. A geyser feeling up: it’s a catastrophe, disaster, oh … Let me offer you the opportunity to watch the movie of this interview “failed” with you … and draw reflections that allow you to look after with calm and wisdom.


I tell you first of all a personal anecdote that taught me long about it. There are so many years; I was being interviewed by two managers. The exchange was fluid communication warm … but the duration of the interview only 40 minutes! I was out sheepishly and absolutely convinced that the interview was shortened because it was missed. What was my surprise when contacted me to offer me the position. I have the audacity to share my amazement with the manager saying that my conclusion was quite different. And managers say, “But we were convinced they had found the right person after a few minutes … why stretch unduly the conversation?”The lesson: pay attention to the findings of” failure “… they can be deceiving!


Succeed at all costs?


The feeling of having failed an interview comes from our desire to perform in everything and everywhere to get one of the best jobs for moms? What is a successful interview? simplifying, we could say that a successful interview is to get an employer to provide the most authentic possible, make themselves known with natural truth this is on first hand, the employer can judge whether it is in the presence of a candidate who fits the profile of the position and secondly, the candidate can validate their real interest to hold such a position in the company in question.


What gives moms the impression of having missed the interview?


1. Visibly nervous


It would be superhuman to feel no emotion or no stress during interview. Among other things, what differentiates the candidates; it is often what is controlling their stress.


2. Not have the right answer


Who has not lashed out in an interview by saying, “I should have answered something like …” or “… yet it is something that I knew.” What differentiates the candidates, not their ability to recite all the right answers but it is the happy combination of responses properly secured to the question; good communication (eye contact, positive attitude) presence both energetic and calm.


3. Does not seem to please them


Sometimes, it is impassive gaze Recruiter at the end of the interview, his lack of smile when entering into a perception of his irritation or lack of interest that we give the impression of not having pleased.


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