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Many of you admit to be distressed by the money right now. Although the recession has not affected your baby projects, it has forced you to tighten your belt … and the whole family!


Torn between time and money


Budget cuts do not prevent you from daydreaming to a surplus of money! 72, 8% of you said that if you had a little more money, you would not rob shops. You would use the money instead to spend time with family. If you could spend it on, you choose to travel. If you were to spend the surplus on baby, you choose to bring visiting and see relatives.


The results presented above agree well with other responses from our survey: 62.7% of you would like one parent remain full time at home with baby. However, most of you plan to return to work soon, full time or part time as best jobs for moms.


What moms would change in parental leave?


According to several respondents, the benefits paid during maternity leave, would not be sufficient (even prohibitive for mothers earning a high salary) nearly half of you contemplating the idea of ​​working to fill this gap. Other moms have denounced the situation of self-employed workers who are not entitled to maternity or parental benefits, despite their intentions to participate in the EI program. Note that the maternity leaves are more generous and the self-employed are entitled to financial compensation.


Moms know and use ways to save money


You can use multiple tools to manage family finances including savings accounts that rank pensions first. A little less than 30% of you have also equities and bonds. Finally many of you have also set up a family budget.


You know therefore save … and not without reason! You agree to be responsible for paying the bills and managing money and others saying even more about the family finances than your spouse.


Moms do a lot of unpaid work


The majority of you spend a good part of your day to do unpaid work, in addition to working full time. In fact moms plan and organize, take care for their children, cook and wash as performing other chores.


Mothers rely on the generosity of family and friends


How do you manage the new spending generated by a baby? With gifts of money offered by your family and friends, many of you are using, among other things, the money to open a savings account specifically for your child. A quarter of you have also assigned a budget for all expenses incurred by your baby.



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