Moms Bloggers: Can You Earn Money With A Blog?

Mom Blogger Whether they speak of education, handicrafts or daily life, blogging moms are doing well! What are the secrets of their success?


The blog is a card


Earning one’s life with a blog? Not really, but we can make a living with his blog. Some moms were able to change lanes: some became freelance writers, community managers…


The blog is then a card that gives credibility to the author. It can also be spotted.


Freelance illustrators; also receive commands via his blog. Advertising can be a source of income, but rarely sufficient. “I tried to incorporate banners on my blog, but it ruins the whole aesthetic! It’s not worth the money as it pays very little!


The influence of bloggers interested in brands


With their potential influence, some bloggers interested in the brands they offer testing products, gifts or vouchers against an article. Some choose to speak only of the products they like, and make gain readers.


It is tempting to respond to requests from brands, but it contributes to the standardization of blogs. Some moms never talk about brands, to not misrepresent their blog.


But it is the presence of brands on some blogs that allows us to offer a free service.


Yes, free on the Internet always has a cost!


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