Careers and Best Jobs for Moms To make a career, women must be engaged and have ambition!


This is TRUE: a successful career, you must provide the means, blame, and know what you want. You must dare to be ambitious without devaluing (specialty of many women!)


However, there are a few small nuances that exonerate the merit of those who are far from being in the top management despite their commitment!


– Those actually arrive “at the top” are often super heroes (for example Sheryl Sandberg is the same in the first output students classified in economics from Harvard …).

– Many of them are single and childless (which is unfair when you realize that the vast majority of men arrived at the same level of a quarrying family and children).

– In addition, for international careers women are penalized because they cannot travel pregnant or with young children.

– Although no scientific fact demonstrates, it is observed that women generally feel less comfortable than men to the idea of ​​being away from their children. Because men are more likely to choose their work to the detriment of their families (this choice will be valued by society) and women are more likely to choose their family to the detriment of their work by asking the question “who most need me “. Make a contrary choice is seen as selfish by the company.

– A corollary of having the ambition is “to choose a good husband,” that is to say the one who is able to invest at home and look after the children equally with you. Of course, it facilitates life immensely! but always for the same reason (women are less comfortable with the idea of ​​being away from their children), even if the husband is there to take care of children a woman agrees to be rarely travel excess.

– Finally, there are still too many conflicts between school schedules and work schedules. Despite all the ambition in the world, 17h, it is already a good time to leave school, but it’s really too early to leave the job … And there is problem of child custody that arises.


Rethinking what we mean by “success” in the context of a career


– Accept a non-linear career

– Valuing people who chose different paths

– Talk (occasionally …) proud of your children to recognize their existence

– Work on your “happiness project” and wonder what it includes

– Stop accepting the behavior of men and male choice as the default value and the ideal.

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