Moms Returning To Work

Why rework?

Mom Holding Her Daughter

Women who decide to return to work do so for several reasons: Financial interest for example in the case of divorce or widowhood, if the spouse is unemployed or has health problems. The family may also need money when children attend college. The second reason is the desire to find a place in society. Status at home mom is not really recognized, women sometimes have the feeling of being useless. Finally, it happens that a mother wishes to return to her job when the children grow up and leave home.


How to go?


Ask yourself beforehand about the cost of this back in the workforce. Indeed, rework causes many expenses: child care, canteen income taxes … It must therefore calculate everything before starting and make sure to be a winner. If money is not your primary motivation and then you have to consider the psychological and family: change is hard for the spouse and children who are used to being pampered. You will not have much time to take care of the house, meals, outings … It is therefore necessary to ensure that the whole family supports you. For those who want to move in a new direction, it is better to consider training before seeking employment.




It will mainly have to deal with the reluctance of the employer. It will ask if, after a hiatus of occupation or longer, you’ll be up and effective. They may be unsure of your adaptability, your flexibility: when was his own boss at home for a long time, can we again accept schedules, a hierarchy?

It is therefore necessary to show the employer’s motivation.


How to develop a business interruption?


In the CV and letter of motivation, but also during the interview, you must highlight all that has been done during this time off work: volunteer, representative of parents, organization of school trips or festivals … Show that you have developed the qualities and responsibilities assumed.

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