Moms Who Work Part-Time Are More Accomplished


When they decide to “make a baby”, although they may make questions: should become a mother at home? Should we abandon the baby every morning to go to work? Should rather opt for a part-time job?


Better to  work than to stay at homeYoung Mom Playing with Her Daughter


Some future mothers will not ask these questions when they have read a study which exonerate working mothers from feeling guilty. It shows that mothers who are gainfully employed full-time but also part-time as best jobs for moms would be healthier and happier than stay at home moms. Mothers, who work part time, especially when their children are very young, have fewer symptoms of depression and are healthier than housewives.


According to the lead author of the study, the part-time work avoids conflicts between work and family or parenting. However, in many cases, part-time work is not different in terms of well-being of the mother, from full time work. Mothers who have a part-time profession certainly have a better overall health and fewer symptoms of depression than mothers who stay at home. However, there is no significant difference in general health or depressive symptoms between moms employed part-time or full-time.


Mothers who work part-time are more attentive to their children


The results also showed that women who work part-time were “equally present in the school activities of their children as stay at home moms” and found that moms who work full time. According to the researchers, it seems that mothers who work part-time would be more responsive to their infants and offer more learning opportunities for their children than stay at home moms or those working at 100%”.” In regarding the education of children and the balance between work and home, work part-time allows mothers to access the best of both worlds “.


“Although previous research have focused on the well-being of mothers working full-time compared with mothers at home, few studies have been conducted on part-time work in particular, and its effects on pregnancy, family life and parenting in general.”


Indeed, researchers have examined data from more than 1,300 American mothers over a period of ten years. In this study, part-time work is defined as any work period ranging from one to 32 hours a week.










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