Moms Work from Home as Inserters

Best Jobs for MomsPut it in an envelope!! ?? What method of working from home has had many (bad) when you successfully combines homework and enveloping, all we think the same thing: a manual work, not qualified to do on his free time: receiving boxes of brochures or letters that folds and put in an envelope, and post the result, being paid according to the work done.


The disappointing reality is quite different: you’ve probably seen those ads that promise you $25 per email processed or stuffing envelopes at home: this is unfortunately not all the work we imagine!

The words are carefully chosen to maintain precisely the confusion with manual labor.

So you come across a stupendous offer: Finally, you will learn how to make money at home, working on the Internet (or not for that matter). And you succumb to the temptation: you buy (yes, because in this type of “work”, there is an “entry ticket”) the silver bullet that will describe, step by step, how to earn money by putting papers in envelopes…


Then two possibilities:

1 / Illegal case type chain letters, pyramid: you have to pay to enter a string, you find other pigeons that should find other pigeons that will…

In short, you understand!


2 / the “legal” version but equally questionable ethics:

You receive a slimming method (or another miracle method) and your “job” is … yeah, find pigeons that will, in turn, buy what they think is a stuffing envelopes at home to up with ad deposits, ads in forums to find that pigeons are going to buy us this method…


From stuffing envelopes at home, legal, real, does it exist?

Honestly, if it existed, we would know, right? In any event, it should not pay for!

Think about it two seconds: franking machines and put in a sealed mail, it exists and it is automatic.

If it can only be done by hand, it is not mail, cheap and small hands, it is in China and not here.


What is left?

– Rare packaging at home opportunities, packaging so that you can do at home

– Opportunities to work from home as a saleswoman at home (it works well)

– Work from home on the internet, including through eBooks. (It also works well)



Originally posted 2013-12-09 09:30:58.

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