Pregnant Women Who Work Standing Give Smaller Children

Best Jobs For Moms: Working Pregnant Woman Work up an advanced term of pregnancy is not usually a problem, but not at any condition. A research team was particularly interested in the question of the position of employment of pregnant women and its consequences: between 2002 and 2006, they followed the pregnancy of 4680 Dutch and publish the results of their observations in the American scientific journal occupational & environmental medicine.


Scientists have found no significant association between preterm birth and low birth weight babies, and that the mother continues to work, even in arduous jobs. By cons, in women exposed to long periods of standing during pregnancy, the fetus has a “lower rate of growth in head circumference of about 1 cm or 3% of the average size.”


Working time consideration


Working time also must be taken into consideration as it’s an important factor. Babies of women who work between 25 and 39 hours per week or more than 40 hours weighed 148 to 198 grams less than those who work less than 25 hours. Their heads were also closer to about 1 centimeter.

According to a conducted study, the growth of retardation could be explained by a reduction in blood pressure in the uterus and placenta, caused by standing.