Single Mom and Work


They have one or more children, they are separated from the father are divorced or widowed. Work or looking for a job, they live as a battle, a way out, a way to survive a lock to unwind, to flourish as well. But how do they assume alone, children and job?


How is a single mom perceived by the parent society? At work? This status can be penalized or otherwise advantageous when looking for a job? Why?


Single Mom Working From Home“The employer is looking for availability, flexibility to maximize the profitability of its employees. According to him, the single mother is, first, a probability of no worse due to non-shared responsibilities (accidents, student parents, health). Moreover, for business like any social group, a woman without a man is bound to get one. This is a potential source of conflict. Employers also fears to open their door for someone more stressed than average, more demanding too. They are entrenched stereotypes. Sometimes, unfortunately, a single mom suggests a structural weakness that encourages moral or sexual harassment. ”


How to approach the subject of parenthood if a recruiter has been too curious (although “normally” it does not have the right …)?


“Those who have guts can invent a joint ghost. Incidentally Just say” my husband thinks that “to denote the relationship of” couples TGV. “For those who want to enjoy a helping relationship (double-edged), or insist on the need for them to get the job (is it the right strategy?), it is essential to prove that the organization is in place what happens: the mother, the mother-mother, sister, neighbor or babysitter. I advise you to approach the subject preferably with a big smile of satisfaction and serenity of mother filled. Remember that the employer is not a wizard social “and you have the opportunity to find the best jobs for moms!


Raising children dual, it can sometimes be complicated but how to get out when you’re alone?


“A child mobilizes time and money. Single mom has neither the one nor the other. Belonging to a community (parents, neighbors, parish associations) allows pooling crises. Meanwhile, the family is often mobilized for the holidays. the most effective strategy is to organize all the activities taking into account the availability of the mother: no activities outside the scope bicycle, avoid time waiting (doctor, summonses by teachers for poor academic performance or inappropriate behavior), anticipate and control risks (water, gas, falls, accidents) avoids crises and unforeseen expenses. Maintain its equipment and learn all repair is also a source of significant savings.


In addition, the division of labor reduces the load of the mother, empowers children and makes the family more robust to unplanned absences. The whole family must keep their word and authority. It should create a climate of confidence which saves monitoring or conflict. This can be implemented only if the mother explains what the goal: the success of children, the quality of family life and the preservation of the resource “mom”, the basis of balance. “

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