Stay At Home Moms against Working Moms

Best Jobs For Moms: Working Moms Against Stay At Home MomsA famous American series highlighted the “despair” and the many adventures of the housewives.

Moreover, the debate still rages, just launch the debate in an evening that tempers flare when it is desperate to be a housewife, rather than being a business woman overbooked?

Indeed it well known that women can stay at home or can be brilliant business women in their field.


Women are not always having a choice. Some work hard because they are required in many occupations that are neither rewarding nor funny, nor fulfilled, but exhausting and stressful.

Then yes if they had the choice, they would not hesitate and would prefer to stay at home, have a cool life, even if a housewife is far from easy!


While others world not leave their job for any reason in the world, even if it means wasting time in coming and going and arriving tired in the evening, often to begin a second day of work taking care of the house. Indeed work allows them to broaden their horizons, meet other people and think about something other than the husband and children!

In addition it is not because they work that they neglect their children, as they are the champions of the organization they always find some free time for themselves, and it also allows them a little more involved dad in the education of children living and sharing tasks!


But some housewives, not at all desperate, for them being a housewife was not just being housekeeper and nanny. It is also to be a teacher helping with homework, accounting managing the household budget, psychologist listening and providing a solution to the woes of each other, organizing leisure and family vacation, and many other trades!

They also move and face the world, if only accompanying the children to the right and left. If it is a dynamic and curious housewife was far from boring to her surroundings, she may be interested in a lot of different topics that are related to culture, sport or art in all its forms.