Stay At Home Moms Challenges

Best Jobs for Moms: Stay at Home Moms ChallengesThere are normal stages in the life of a housewife: At the beginning, the euphoria, we taste with relief the lack of time constraints, the boss is no longer on our backs to put pressure on us. We are delighted to be at home, making meals; decorate, to pamper our household. Then comes the time or it starts to get pretty boring and routine, we begin to find a long time, does not “see the world” to be stuck between four walls of changing diapers and preparing bottles. Then comes a particularly unforgiving time when we realize that our work is not recognized (the husband returned in the evening and was surprised to see us run out of “doing nothing”, older children who litter where we spent the time to clean and store …). It was out of frustration, we’ve had enough of contemptuous glances of the people, and we sometimes in the darkest moments feel like an unproductive parasite of society.


Better be warned in advance not to idealize: stay at home, it will be a gift of self and to manage business intelligence does not end up disgusted after a few years and regret his choice.


The renunciation of financial independence


Some women who had the habit of having their own salaries to manage feel uncomfortable to spend the money earned by their husbands. It’s a bit humiliating, especially if the husband has the delicacy to point more or less humor “I won the money, my wife spends it.” Our grandmothers were never asked, and it was commonly believed in all societies and that since the dawn of time, it was the father who ministered to the needs of the household. Here feminist roar and wave the right to independence. Each made ​​his choice. When you live in a balanced Christian home with a father and mother and officials present, there is a true love and mutual trust between the spouses, family economy must be regarded as a distribution of tasks and responsibilities the mother and father make a contribution to the family structure, there is no history of domination there. In good economist, I would add that economically speaking, the mother who is raising her children is also creating wealth. If you doubt this, do a numerical value assessment tasks incumbent upon you daily at the rate of an outsider: 3 hours cleaning $ 10, child care, 24 hours at $ 50 3X10 dollars of meal preparation, budget management and secretariat family: $ 15 an hour, etc…






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