Stay At Home Moms Choice


The 2000s witnessed the emergence of a new generation of young mothers at home, often educated, wanting to stay close to their babies until the arrival of the bus from kindergarten. Far housewives of the 1950s, they adopt a lifestyle that fits into the “care” rather than submitting to the spouse. This choice against the current, sometimes seen as a setback, it is compatible with feminism? Perhaps yes.


Mom Taking Care Of Her ChildThey turned their backs on the labor market. Most often for a limited period: from the birth of their first child at the entrance to the small school year. To meet these housewives, often graduates and about a thousand miles of banality is to make two observations. The first: we fail to recognize. In fact, they are not on our radar screens. To count, it must proceed by deduction.


Second observation: they generally feel ostracized and their way of life against the current predominant model is subject to a priori. True that our commitment to the values ​​of work and performance leads us to consider unproductive anyone who does not earn his crust and because the name “housewife” refers to the archetype of the suburban housewife postwar could see this home occupation any alienation or submission, as well as a threat to financial independence the main question.


The freedom to choose


If motherhood was not considered in the early years of struggle for women’s access to employment (when they sought to establish their place in all sectors), the feminist movement has since played a major role in the establishment of policies to promote work-life balance. These measures have greatly facilitated the continued employment of mothers, thereby ensuring their financial autonomy, an essential tool for achieving equality between women and men because that says financial autonomy also said freedom of choice to leave and to be master of his life. That is why the decision not to work against remuneration surprised.


The key may lie in this awareness: by the model of the mother to work the gold standard, we did not focus on the fact that this avenue was not appropriate at all. In equation “woman + work = necessity,” we did not take into account the variable “choice” – at least for those who can afford it. And this is precisely what the housewives claim: the freedom to choose without being an undesirable person. “We must end away with rigid standards. Each person should have the right to be what it feels good for her. Stay at home to care for her children is a moral and ethical choice. There is therefore no reason to belittle “.

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