The Best Resume for Moms

There are an important number of mothers interrupts their careers to raise their children. While the removal of the company lasted only a few years, and it is often difficult to return to the labor market. Here are our tips to find the best jobs for moms.


Defining your project with a professional coach Mom Looking For a Job


At first glance, recruiters are unanimous devote several years to raise their children presenting a wonderful and rewarding project that a woman can be proud of.


The reality is less flattering. The applicants between 25 and 33 years to care for their children know how difficult it is to return to the workforce after taking it apart for so long.


To the point that many recruiters recommend getting back in the saddle by using a coach to define their professional project. This phase of “gestation” nourish the preparation of CV as the interview that will follow with a priority to be comfortable with this bracket and articulate the desire and willingness to work again. This can be read in a few details such as the fact to report “child self” in the CV, or specify hook “immediately available”.


Skills presentation


Professionals recommend articulating CV in presentation of skills with an emphasis on the qualities of the postulant and simplify the description of his career. In mind, the section devoted to the expertise and know-how, enriched more personal skills, including those that have been acquired or developed through family break: autonomy, organizational skills, flexibility, and resistance to stress … “In home, a mother has a multiplicity of trades at the same time”


Describe the details of the training without forgetting to highlight a recent upgrade in your trade. Finally the professional side prepared synthetically stating “parental leave” to describe the period of interruption.


Find links with working life


It remains to enhance the experience during the “off” family so that candidates sometimes have tendency to erase this period. Recruiters often advise to make the conclusion of the CV. “This information is often treated as annexes, referring to a certain banality of everyday life whereas a mother will find an opportunity to highlight the elements that will play the role of bridges with professional life.


But be careful not to confuse things: highlight the points must have a direct relationship with the post. Never lose sight of that is to contact a recruiter. We just mention the experiences that may be useful to the company. It is essential to stay in the professional register to get the best jobs for moms.


Thus, initiatives and achievements made ​​during the break will be displayed in a work-related vocabulary: we detail the tasks performed in a local association (bookkeeping, organizing meetings, making a blog, etc.). It provides figures when possible. A way of showing that remained connected to the workplace and we are ready to come back with more assets than in the past.

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