The Difficult Return to Work of Stay at Home Moms


Mom Preparing to Return to Work Leave home to get into the world of work is often the entire puzzle. Jennifer, a social worker at the beginning of his career, left her job at the birth of her son. She was 25 years old. Six years later, the mother of three children, she plans to rework. “My youngest was autonomous, and I realized that I had always the desire to work, she says. But everything seemed complicated.”


This mother wanted to return to a “classic” job. “I loved my first job, but living in rural areas, was difficult, she says.


Jennifer decided to start her own business. She provides information on sites that includes mothers’ creative business. The housewife was finally launched, creating an embroidery shop online.


A pittance to the key


While some mothers are choosing to start their own business as it’s the best jobs for moms, it is often better to continue reconciling professional and private life. “The micro-enterprise works for some, which helps mothers wishing to return to work. Often it helps to cope with the difficult reintegration.”


But this solution does not always find financial independence. Jennifer says that she gets a meager salary. For those who want to find a fixed remuneration, it’s better to be patient.


Moms have everything to prove


“For the employer, it is a gamble to hire a mother spent several years away from the world of work. Will she be able to readjust; there is a problem of trust, as part of the candidate recruiter, too. ”


Work on self-confidence is a key step. “Many women say ‘I do not know anything,’. They must help themselves to review their skills, and target job offers.”


As housewives have everything to prove. “You have to show a fierce desire to get back to prove that this is not a fad, it is really available. On the CV, the candidate must highlight that she has remained active, whether by teaching, helping to organize events … Well; she must prove that she did not stay locked. ”




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