The Dilemma of Moms at the End of Maternity Leave


An overwhelming majority of mothers would stay at home when their infant is very young. Indeed, the decline in the purchasing power of the majority of workers makes the one income not enough to sustain a whole family. So, it can be difficult to draw a line between family life and the labor market.


There is no denying the arrival of a child sets a new pace of life that is not always in sync with the world of work. However, this new deal will allow the mother to reassess their lifestyle and career goals.


A new rhythm of life New Mom Holding her Child


The birth of a child involves, invariably, a new rhythm of life that require the mother to give a large part of its energy to the infant. This is with a view to reconciling work and family as parental leave allows the mother to be absent from the labor market, so it relies on maternity leave and parental leave. In some cases, a pregnant worker may apply for reassignment, if she believes that her work is likely to affect her health and that of her unborn child.


Back to home


Far from being destabilized by the situation, many women deal with the events that followed the birth of their child. They are able to take advantage of this “cut rate” to redial a report at work which left little room for the arrival of another offspring. This is a “lifestyle choice” that it would matter, since mothers should consult their spouse about their priorities in terms of lifestyle and manage their relationships within the couple.


Many pregnant women would love to have a part-time job, as best jobs for moms; but it is not always the case. It is therefore important, first and foremost, “overcome the fears to face a possible return to the labor market and take the time to do a life review that will weigh the cons for a possible return on the labor market. Obviously, “Mom cannot alone bear all the household chores, especially if she wants to return to the labor market” and, against all odds, some downright opt for the creation of a micro-enterprise, history of the ability to enjoy the best of two worlds.


The essentials


The question of a possible return to the labor market is inseparable skills of the mother. Some women from disadvantaged backgrounds and have few studies to find their assets helpless in the wake of a birth which may have a dramatic impact on their standard of living. These could be tempted to call using social rather than end up with insecure jobs that allow them barely make ends meet. I must say that Welfare reimburse part of the costs of dental, eyeglasses and providers can also take advantage of housing assistance in some cases.


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