The Problems That Face Working Mothers

Best Jobs for Moms: a Mom Working Part-time JobThe increase in women’s employment should theoretically have the effect of calling into question the traditional mode of division of labor between the sexes. Thus, a more active participation of man chores and education would be necessary to achieve an equitable distribution of occupational and household activities between man and woman. However, the practice shows that the traditional model of “hard life” and causes extra work for the woman, making reconciliation between work and family responsibilities particularly difficult.


Some tracks from the latest available figures


– The man and woman are increasingly called upon to exercise a professional activity both for reasons related to income.

– The part-time work mainly concerns women. In the United States most part-time positions are occupied by women.


If women work part-time, it is essentially to be able to care for their families and their children. Today, they have difficulty balancing a full-time education with children.


– The part-time work, if it is a short-term solution, however, penalizes women: it inhibits the progression in the career; it helps to maintain economic dependency, does not promote, in respect of a spouse, a genuine sharing of domestic and family tasks.


– The family cycle influences the participation of women in the workforce. The birth of a child makes a pause – if not stop – in the life of most women. In fact, many women withdraw fully or partially active life when they start a life together or they start a family.


– Finally, new models of sharing tasks stood slowly. If the traditional division of labor between man and woman is a little weaker, it remains alive. Redistribution of roles is done timidly. For now, it is rather synonymous to overwork for the woman than rebalancing of tasks between partners.



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